Why will my son only pee in the potty if he is naked?

Lindsey - posted on 05/06/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son is about 2 1/2. He will be 3 in September and I feel he should be getting potty trained now but he will only pee in the potty or the toilet or heck even outside if he is naked. we tried pull ups recently and that did not work either. He liked them more because it had cars on it but that is about it. I don't like him running around naked all the time but it's the only time he will pee on his own. I know one morning he woke up and his pull up was dry and he went straight to the bathroom and lately when he wakes up one of the first things he says is he has to go pee and will take his diaper off and go pee. He does go to sleep with a cup. Any suggestion on what to do to help me? I want to get him potty trained soon.

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Julie - posted on 02/23/2013




My son was the same way so we went cold turkey and put underpants on him. We had a few wet weeks and then he got it. We did the naked thing first but then he would hold it and as soon as we put pants on him he would pee. Then we realized that in order for him to learn he would have to wet himself. He still has the occasional accident but overall doing great. We also took away his nighttime water sippy. My daughter took a lot longer but we made the mistake of starting her earlier(we were cocky). She has peed on everything!

Lisa - posted on 02/16/2013




Nothing let him do it the way he wants to. If you start pushing him to do it your way he will likely regress.

Brittney - posted on 05/09/2012




I would put him in underwear and teach him how to pull them up and down, don't get too complicated by adding pants right now. It is a lot easier to get himself to the potty if he doesn't have to wait for someone to do everything for him.

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