Preeclampsia & HELLP Mommies

This is for mom's who have had to give birth or have emergency c-section due to Pre Eclampsia or HELP. To chit chat about our stories and give advice to other mom's that are currently experiencing it or trying to avoid it. Preeclampsia is a disorder that occurs only during pregnancy and the postpartum period and affects both the mother and the unborn baby. It is a rapidly progressive condition characterized by high blood pressure and the presence of protein in the urine. Swelling, sudden weight gain, headaches and changes in vision are important symptoms; however, some women with rapidly advancing disease report few symptoms. Typically, preeclampsia occurs after 20 weeks gestation though it can occur earlier. Proper prenatal care is essential to diagnose and manage preeclampsia. HELLP Syndrome and eclampsia are other manifestations of the same syndrome. It is important to note that research shows that more women die from preeclampsia than eclampsia and one is not necessarily more serious than the other. Please join us!


mothers with eclampsia

I am a mother who had pre-eclampsia with my first child, and pre-eclampsia with my secodn that turned in to eclampsia. I was wondering if anyone that experienced seizures while...


pancreatitis after HELLP?

I am curious if any mothers have had pancreas problems after having HELLP syndrome? I'm 8years out and my health has never been the same since having HELLP. Chronic idiopathic...


pre eclampsia

Had my daughter December 18, 2013 2 weeks after having her went into a como because of my doctor not treating my pre eclampisa properly after giving birth.


Post Partum Pre Eclampsia

My story: After giving birth to my son, we noticed in the hospital that my feet were swollen about three times their normal size. I couldn't even fit into the socks I had been...


Hellp Syndrome

Hi everyone My name is Laura I delivered my daughter almost 9 years ago at 39 weeks pregnant doctors did not really know much about the decease but i remember i had to have...


After effects of HELLP Syndrome?

I was just wondering if anyone has been experiencing the same problems that I've been having after HELLP. I was 32 weeks pregnant and had an emergency c section on April 22 of...