Pregnant again

if you are already a mum and are now pregnant again


Could I be Pregnant again?

The first day of my last period was June 4, 2012. My period has always been regular. When my husband and I had sex on June 16th, 2012 our condom broke and we didn't have a back...

Started by Cheryl on 06/27/2012 in Pregnant Again

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Can I be pregnant?

I am 10 days late today.. Mild cramping.. Back aches. Took a test last friday was neg. I have never been this late before. My husband and I are trying. Do you think I could be...

Started by Ashley on 11/29/2012 in Pregnant Again

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Hey :)

Hey everyone! I am new and thought i might introduce myself. I'm Mel. I have 4 beautiful girls Kylie age 5, 2 year old twins Sandra and Alexandra, a 6 month old Maya as well as...

Started by Mel on 06/11/2014 in Pregnant Again

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Due in December

Was wondering if i am the only one Due in December would love to meet some new people A.K.A mothers to be in my due date frame :) I am due with 4th child December 5th 2012

Started by Donna on 07/16/2012 in Pregnant Again

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TMI? Question on comfortable sex positions

I am pregnant with #3 but I don't remember any safe yet comfortable positions for "adult time." My oldest was in and out of the hospital when I was pregnant with the second so...

Started by Jeanie on 05/12/2013 in Pregnant Again

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Hello everyone. I am married and we have 3 sons. Breon 5 years and twins Caleb and Christian 3 years. I currently took my IUD out and decided we wanted another (last) pregnancy...

Started by Keema on 12/01/2012 in Pregnant Again

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Can I be pregnant again?

I stopped breastfeeding about 2 months ago. Shortly after I stopped BF, I started cramping and am very bloated. It feels like my period will return any minute now, but 2...

Started by Ashley on 11/20/2012 in Pregnant Again

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Baby, Baby, Baby.... When are you?

So I thought I was pregnant but doctors arent finding anything in my blood but i swear I feel movement... I'm confused. I got used to the idea of being a new mommy again, but...

Started by Destiny on 10/03/2012 in Pregnant Again

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I'm Confused

Well Ive been to a few different doctors and none of them have managed to get a positive test even from blood... but all the classic symptoms are there plus many more. They...

Started by Destiny on 09/17/2012 in Pregnant Again

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Pregnant again and UNHAPPY

I found out I was pregnant again and I am highly depressed. I moved to NY with big dreams and they are all down the drain. After having our first child together (which I had...

Started by T on 09/01/2012 in Pregnant Again

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Worried about being prepared for baby #2

I have a 4 year old girl & in January Im having a little boy. My daughter is used to children around because I have a nephew thats 2 1/2 & a step-son that 6. I explained to her...

Started by Minerva on 08/28/2012 in Pregnant Again

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