Can you share an easy, crowd-pleasing birthday party cake or cupcake recipe? (please include a link to a photo!)

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With the warmer weather among us, I think of fresh strawberries. This cake has amazing strawberry flavour, yet is super simple to make. To lighten it a bit, I use whipped cream to frost the cake, while adding a burst of freshness by adding fresh sliced strawberries in the center. Chocolate dipped strawberries, which decorate the cake, make it a definite show stopper.

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One of the most crowd-pleasing birthday cakes I made for my daughter came from the Disney Family Fun book. It was a Sleepover Cake made by cutting Twinkies in half the long way and placing them atop a sheet cake, before frosting the whole thing to look like one big bed. Each Twinkie-shaped girl then gets a Nilla-wafer head and squeezed-frosting hair. We decorated the bed's blanket with frosting flowers and gave each girl a designated guest's correct hair and eye color. The cake was a huge hit and pretty easy to make. There's a picture of one here:

Let us know what you end up making!

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So it's a bit of a cheat as it does involve a packet mix, but if you are rushed for time and want the most beautiful, moist cupcakes out, try adding some yoghurt to a packet mix. If you have people that are allergic to eggs its fantastic as you can skip the eggs that the packet mix usually calls for.

We've both tried it with a number of flavour combinations now and it's just been delicious, and you can't taste the yoghurt.

Here's our first post about it:

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One of the best triple chocolate cakes I've ever made! This link shows it as a bundt cake, but I've also made it as a double layer cake with white chocolate butter cream frosting. It was delicious.

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I think it's very important to make your own party cakes and / or cupcakes so you can skip the artificial food dyes, and other additives most bakeries use. I make Vegan Coconut Cupcakes for my girl's and they are always a hit!! The icing is naturally pink, from strawberries, and the cake is light, fluffy, and sweet!

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Here is a link to my favorite Chocolate Cake Recipe. It is delicious with buttercream frosting or coconut pecan frosting. Those are my favorites. These also make great cupcakes.

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Food allergies are becoming more and more common. It's great to have a delicious basic recipe that everyone can enjoy! This post has an added bonus on easy shaped cakes anyone can make without special skills! This cake a super moist and no one can ever tell it is gluten AND dairy free! I use palm sugar to make it cane sugar free too!

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Everyone loves Red Velvet Cake. It's one of those classic cakes that adults and children love. It's delicious and looks so decadent that no one has any idea how easy it is to make! My recipe is really easy and pretty much foolproof. If you've never made a cake from scratch, don't be afraid. You're family will love it and you'll look like a hero. That's always a win in my book!

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One of our favorite cupcakes is a Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffin/Cupcake topped with Cream Cheese Frosting. Because all of our Welcoming Kitchen recipes are free of the top 8 allergens, and are gluten-free and and vegan, they're perfect if you're serving a crowd with different diet needs (and with 1 in 13 kids living with food allergies), everyone these days is hosting someone with a special diet need it seems. Most importantly, they're delicious, though.

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This CARROT CAKE recipe is SUPER moist and will keep for about 5 days (maybe longer)
So it is a easy party cake as you can bake it in advance :)


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One of my favorite cake recipes is this one for an EGG FREE cake for those like my son with egg allergies. I like it b/c unlike many other egg free cakes, it rises well, and does not fall to pieces when you cut it! Great for cupcakes too.

Ingredients for egg free chocolate cake -

3 cups all-purpose flour
2 cups white sugar
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons baking soda
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder *I use Hershey's Special Dark
2/3 cup canola oil
2 tablespoons distilled white vinegar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 cups cold coffee (or water)


1.Sift flour, sugar, salt, soda, and cocoa together into a 9 x 13 inch ungreased cake pan. Make three wells. Pour oil into one well, vinegar into second, and vanilla into third well. Pour cold water/coffee over all, and stir well with fork.

2.Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 30 to 40 minutes, or until tooth pick inserted comes out clean. Frost with your favorite icing.

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I love cupcakes and coming up with new ideas and flavor combinations! A party never seems complete without a little cake! My absolute favorite cupcake that is always a hit with the kids and adults is my S'mores Dipped Cupcakes Recipe. Perfect for any kind of party! A great cupcake for a tea party theme (great for a little girl's birthday party too!) is my Amber Maharani Teacup Cakes. They are made with tea right in the batter and frosting and the cake is baked in actual tea cups. They definitely give the word "cupcake" a whole new meaning! Lastly, for the adult crowd, my Pumpkin Ale Cupcakes with Streusel Cream Cheese Frosting are always popular. A little beer in the batter for a very subtle taste and these cupcakes are topped with a cream cheese frosting and crunchy streusel!

S'mores Dipped Cupcakes:

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The other 2 recipes- Amber Maharani Teacup Cakes: Pumpkin Ale Cupcakes with Streusel Cream Cheese Frosting:

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