Do You Throw Away the Formula After an Hour?

How long can you keep formula for after you have prepared it?

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Personally I used the powdered formula and bottled water so I always made bottles on demand and threw out any left overs. As my daughter got older and started drinking from a sippy cup, I'd toss it depending on the temperature. Summertime in an hour, cooler weather within 2. But usually she finishes it right away so I don't have to worry about it. But I agree with others on here that say to follow the directions on the can. Better to toss out formula than to get your baby sick from it.

On another note, it really disturbs me to see people bashing eachother on here over breast vs bottle. Yes we all know that breast feeding has a lot of benefits and perks to it. And yes there are moms out there that don't breastfeed because they "dont want to" But all the heated comments tend to make other moms that CANT breast feed feel badly. My personal story... I have 2 children, both of which I intended to breastfeed, neither of which I could. With my son, apparently my milk just wasn't coming in the way it should have, because he wasn't getting the nourishment he should have. For those who have never had trouble breastfeeding, let me tell you, it makes you feel like a failure when your "equipment" doesn't work right. I'm sure other moms can agree with me there. So seeing all the hurtful comments, doesn't help. With my daughter I was diagnosed with pre eclampsia and had to have an emergency c-section. Then I also came down with pneumonia. So with the pain meds they were pumping into me, the antiobiotics, and the 2 different blood pressure meds, again I couldn't breastfeed. My blood pressure remained high so now I'm on meds permanently. Those meds didn't allow me to breastfeed.

Even those that don't do it because of pain and whatnot, it's still their choice. We all know babies are sensitive to mood/emotion/stress etc. Isnt it better to have a calmer more productive bonding experience while feeding your child with a bottle, than to have painful and stressful experience for both mom and baby? Not to mention the stress can interfere with the milk production.

Ok rant over, I just had to get that off my chest. We're all moms here, so lets be kinder and more supportive of eachother. Thanks =)

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Thank you so much for your comment! I was up at 5 am crying with my husband because we made the hard decision to formula feed. I too felt like a failure because I wasn't able to fwed my baby what she needed. After switching to formula she is happy, healthy, and gaining weight again. I'm still really disappointed that I'm unable to breast feed, but I know it's right for my daughter Women don't understand how hurtful the comments can be, and you hit the nail on the head with your rant. Thank you

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I make a fresh bottle each time. I never refrigerate a bottle or give it to her at a later feeding.

Once they drink from it bacteria forms within an hour

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I always make a new bottle and throw it out after an hour. Formula is expensive but a trip to the doctor costs a heck of a lot more and my baby's health is definitely not worth the risk.

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i breastfed only until about two weeks 7 month old has 6 teeth and bit me real bad the other day. i have hundreds of oz of milk stored up though and i also give her formula. no one is selfish for not breastfeeding. it is a choice. it may be best for you but some people are uncomfortable with it or cant do it for health reasons. you all should be ashamed for yourselves for talking down to someone for not doing what you do. most of us were given formula as babies and we are just as smart as others..well some of us! breast milk is best but formula is the next best option. some of you need to be more open minded and more accepting of others..we are all adults arent we????

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I keep my for about 2 hrs if its left out then toss it. WHen I am home i renerally put it strat in the fridge.

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My son was in the hospital for a month before he came home. He came on on a feeding tube and had continuous feeds threw the night (formula). The childrens mercy hospital said it is fine for formula to be feed on a 8 hr period at room temp., so all of you throwing it out after an hr must like throwing away $$$$$$. I did breast feed during the day while he was on the continuous feeds. He is a happy healthy boy now.

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Breast milk expressed and in a bottle can stay out 6-8 hrs. I don't think formula can stay in one bottle being sipped on for longer then 2 hrs. It is made up differently

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Throw it away, its not worth your baby getting sick.

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baby wont get sick...BUT after 2 hours ALWAYS dump it. or if it gets gritty. but i KNOW that it is ok to keep out for 2 hours...remember as well it is filled with antibodies...if you are worried about bacteria, after an hour switch the milk into a fresh bottle with nipple

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yes, I always make a new formula bottle.

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yes, once they drink from it bacteria forms within an hour.

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I make bottles for my daughter as she needs it. She drinks all her bottles room temperature so I keep the bottles filled with water. I bought divided formula dispensers so that I can have 3 feedings pre-measured in the dispenser. When she's ready for a bottle I just mix it up then. Whatever's left when she's done, which usually isn't much, gets tossed.

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If it's out in the open, I'd say about 2 hours before throwing it out. I'd suggest refrigeration because it lengthens the time it's good for. I made bottles ahead of time just so I could pull it out of the fridge and heat!

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At first, Id' dump it out, but formula is so expensive I would just put it back in the fridge, I didn't warm it up or anything.

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She was a surprisingly healthy baby during her formula days, never sick even once.

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Milk is tricky you can't hold it very long . And it shoul always be thrown away about a hour . Don't refrigerate to use again bacteria starts to form and you could have one sick baby .

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breast milk is different though.... with all the antibodies, you can keep a warmed one for 2 hours and freshly pumped is good for 6+ hours at room temp

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We, my daughter in law, son and I always throw the formula away after an hour, no exceptions.
Lynda Hicks

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All the instructions should be on the Can, Just follow them :) Personally I think it depends on the age of your baby and how their immune system is, if they are prone to getting sick then follow the instructions to the letter but if they are like my 2 and seem to have a pretty robust immune system, then sure keep it for a bit, I would put it in the fridge between feeds though :)

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i always throw the formula out after a hour or it can make ur baby sick

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Actually, i would hold onto it a luttle longer. If my daughter was full, then id throw away. The entire time i have always made bottles ahead of time and kept it in the fridge til she needed one. From 2oz to 8oz. Now that she was swithed from formula to whole vit D, i dont make bottles so much and i throw the milk away after 1.5hrs.


Bacteria dosnt form in an hour and no study says it dose.. If you've fed the baby off the bottle then there is a chance but common sense dictates you dont feed a baby off of formula that was made some time ago. The two hour rule is a guideline, its so you spend more on formula but after you intro solids this idea becomes even more hokey. So far Ive raised or helped to bring up 7 kids and not one of them has gotten sick from three hour old formula.

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lol. This is a must do! Let a bottle sit for a while and watch how the milk changes to a disgusting smelly mixture. I am sure you wouldn't want to feed your baby that!

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for formula yes...breast milk seperates, but when swirled around and what not it is good for two hours or so. TO ALL MOMS THOUGH.... DO NOT SHAKE BREAST MILK BOTTLES... it changes the composition of the milk

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we fed on demand, and threw away unfinished feeds.

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I did but only because, if they've not drunk it after an hour, they were unlikely to do so. Mind you, that was very rare as none of my girls ever had a problem with polishing off a bottle lol

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when she was little we would make up five bottles depending on how many months she was to which bottles to use the five to eight oz ones. we would use them with in 24 hours. but is there was two oz left we would pour it down the drain. we got wic and if you boil the bottle and nipples it ok to keep the bottle in the fidge after making it.

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If you have heated the milk before giving it to your little one then it need to be thrown away if they haven't drank it within an hour.

If you haven't heated up the milk then you can keep it for 2hrs and then it needs to be thrown away.

Baby milk grows bacteria in it which if left made up can give them salmonella which you do not want your baby having. It can also cause other problems as well.

My question to this is would you really want to drink milk that had been left out for an hour or 2 i certainly know i wouldn't.

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I am with throwing it out if the formula has been heated... myself, from how a nurse that helped care for us after delivery said she handled her baby's formula, don't heat or warm my baby's formula. I rotate between two bottles all day, never letting them sit in the fridge longer than about 6 hrs... IF he'd let one do such a thing.

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When my son used formula, i couldnt bare to throw it out if there was more than a quarter left. I would place it in the fridge knowing he would drink it the next feeding. I would not keep it longer than the first immediate feeding after his nap. If i was out, i would take the formula powder in an appropriate container, sterilized bottles in an unused freezer bag, and a carafe or thermos of hot water. This would help prevent waste.

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You should not refridgerate and use again bottles with used formula/milk in it

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Not everyone can breastfeed.

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