Finding closure after medical termination

Moms have many reasons for needing to undergo medical termination of a pregnancy, but all moms in this situation feel a wide variety of often conflicting feelings: grief, regret, exhaustion, relief, gratitude, fear, and hope are some of the many. For those who are still searching for comfort and closure after undergoing this procedure, what are some words of wisdom you can offer?

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I have not been in this situation, however my best friend lost 3 babies due to a medical condition, this was not easy to watch and her heartache was difficult to watch her go through.
I'll tell u what she told me, she thought about all the good things in her life, talked openly about her feelings and when she was down kept herself busy, i do know there are many groups u can join, it was not her fault and in no way could she prevent it from happening, there is no quick fix and time is a great healer, although her children are never forgotten, over time she has can gone on to have children and lights a candle for her babies every year.
I hope u have someone close u can talk with and just listen to you.
All i can say as ur life takes different paths it will became easier with all losses are never forgotten. U will need to be strong and see them through, hopefully with support


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