From Twister to "sardines in a can," we're always looking for indoor games that get our kids moving and burning off energy! Can you share a physical game your kids love that can be played inside?

Tell us how it's played, and share a photo if you have one (optional)!

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We play treasure hunt. Its where we draw maps out for each other and hide different items (like stuffed animals, toys) and we put down the different rooms in the house on the map and x marks the spot where the item is hidden. We've already made this game last an hour. The best hiding spots are in closets or laundry hampers.

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Hide and go seek is always a favorite in our house! The kids love running feverishly around in hopes of finding the best hiding place. To increase the activity level of this game, once found, both the hider and the seeker need to race back to the "start" before they change roles.

Always good for a giggle!

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We have dance parties to get the kids moving. We'll play their favorite tunes and they shake their little tushies, not necessarily to the beat. We seem to be a rhythm challenged bunch. We shake it up and play freeze dance, too. Sometimes my kids will pick one song they love and choreograph it. Of course, that means hearing the same song over until you're ready to turn the stereo into confetti, but it's a great workout for them!

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Indoor activity is hard, considering the obvious household obstacles (coffee table, TV, etc.) but on rainy, cold, snowy days, the kids do need to move. Most times the kids play some of the active games on Wii like tennis, bowling, etc. and they love to DANCE, either the dance games on Wii, or the old-fashioned, turn on some music and move.

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My kids are big train buffs. So, one indoor game that is popular in our house is to make use of our hardwood floors and black tape and to make train tracks all around the house. The kids then spend hours pushing their trains - as well as cars, buses and taxis, around their own little Island of Sodor. We also did this at their birthday party and it was a huge hit.

I also wrote a post on other indoor activities when New York City was affected by the hurricane.

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Hide and Seek is a favourite in our house too.
How long can you keep the balloon off the ground is another.
If you have x-box 360 and Kinect then the sport games on that are awesome. I even bulid up a sweat.

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Angie, treasure hunt is a favorite here too! Dance Dance Revolution, charades (when no one's feeling too shy), and even some of the Xbox Kinect games where you have to jump are fun (and funny).

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We play soccer...literally. Ok well it's more of a monkey in the middle kinda game. We live in an apartment so it works out pretty well: my husband at one end (or put the gate up if he's at work) me at one side and lil man in the middle. Pretty much roll, kick, throw the ball to the other side. He goes CRAZY. aaannndd teaching him to say Gooooooooooaaaallll works out pretty good too. Yes, I'll admit I also taught him to run, say goal WITH his arms up. Alright another confession, I have put the shirt over his head...Hilarious!

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Living in upstate NY, the snow keeps us indoors a lot of the winter. We bought laser tag guns, and when the kids go crazy, we pull them out and let the hunt begin! It brings out a mad-dash of hide and seek with squeals of laughter!

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- wear socks and have a "speed skating" race (works best on smooth floors, not carpet)
- use BIG bed as "trampoline" to do flips and twists; the others can hold up "judge's scorecards"
- tape pillows all over your bodies and pretend to be sumo wrestlers
- play H.O.R.S.E. using dirty laundry and hamper
- one child is blindfolded, the other creates an obstacle course using items around the house and guides the blindfolded child to the finish line, then switch
- hula-hoop or jump-rope contest
- "clean up the yard" game using balled-up socks or small stuffed animals
- first child does a dance move, next child copies then adds another dance move, and keep adding until someone forgets the correct sequence, then start all over!

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There are so many great things you can find to do indoors. I have 4 boys so I am always looking for fun activities also. So far this winter we have played, flashlight tag, hide n seek, balloon volleyball, and so much more. One thing that is fun is find a long area, like a hall way, set up paper towel rolls at one end and use a ball then go bowling. Another thing (I did this when I was little) if you don't have a basketball hoop for indoors, you can make one. You can use a waste basket, box, or a round large tin can as the basket and set it somewhere then play ball. Use a small ball that won't do damage to your house or make one out of foil. I like to make a trivial game out of this. I'll ask the kids questions, if they get it right then they get to shoot and earn points. My kids love it. My kids also love Simon says and when I make them do crazy and silly things. Your never to old to have fun and there is always something fun to do. Sometimes you just got to get creative!

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We play table tennis. Its really energetic and good fun so getting the kids involved is easy.

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A really easy game to play with all ages is "Simon Says".The aim of the game is to catch the kids out but we play it as a way to keep them occupied if we are delayed somewhere or to burn up energy on a rainy day or as a party game!The way to play it is as follows:
-One person( usually the adult) is the caller.
-The caller shouts instructions eg "Simon says dance gagnam style" "Simon says hop on one leg 50 times"
- If the caller says "Simon says' then all players have to obey.If they do not say 'Simon Says' the player should NOT do anything!
It's a really fast game & the kids get so excited that they concentrate on the instruction & forget about the 'Simon says' element. It's great fun catching them out!
Here's some examples of instructions, if the kids are older it's great to keep changing the instructions quickly, if they are younger go a bit more gently!

- Simon Says do 10 star jumps
-Simon says balance on 1 leg for 20 seconds
- Simon says clap your hands 5 times
-Simon says sit down
-STAND UP( if you do this quickly you might trick them!)
- Simon says dance like a chimpanzee
-Simon says bark like a dog
-Simon says cluck like a chicken
-Simon says lie down & go to sleep
you get the idea ! You can make it as physical as you like in short bursts which means it'll burn energy but not get out of hand!
Enjoy !

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My son loves playing hide and seek. We even played it today by counting in Spanish which my son is learning in preschool. Every game leads to us chasing each other around the house laughing hysterically.

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Freeze tag is always a hit with my son, as well as just turning on music and having a dance party!


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