Is it hard being a single mom?

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It's hard being a single mom. However it's hard being married as well. The important thing to remember to ask for help when you need it. Find a good support system through friends and family.

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I absolutely agree with your comment here, I am a new single mom, I was married, and both are the hardest jobs you will ever have in your life. A good support system is key, agree here as well, family and friends that you trust with your child is a very important component not only for you but for your child as well!!!!!

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Yes, of course it is. However, it's the most worthwhile job you'll ever do in your life! I think the pros outweigh the cons.
1) No extra income
2) No extra help with caring for the child
3) Feeling tired most of the time
4) Not being able to spend as much time with the child as you might like

1) You learn just how strong you can be!
2) You & your child will be INCREDIBLY close since you'll have each other through everything
3) You'll look forward to spending every moment with your child since you'll have to be away for work. Even things like napping together become special.
4) You'll be the one making all of the important decisions for your child & won't have to discuss it & make compromises with anyone, which means no arguments.
5) Things will improve, & when they do you'll have memories of the hard times that you shared with your child. The fact that you survived them together will make those memories very special!


Being a single mom is difficult, challenging, and rewarding. Being married is as well. There are unique factors involved in single parenting, such as managing more in the way of financial burden, yard and house care, and 24/7 care of the kids (I have three that I have been raising alone for four years, and I homeschool two of them because of learning problems they had in school, so even more exhausting)... If you are asking because you are considering leaving your husband, I would say DON'T until all avenues have been explored and tried, it isn't worth it for their sake and yours...If you are asking because you want to have a child on your own, or your husband has left, then I say it is extremely difficult, but if you can learn to be self-less and not worry about finding another partner or getting a lot of "me" time, it can be incredibly rewarding in a different way. The first couple of years I was so tired (when the kids were little) I slept every time they were with their dad, nowadays I really enjoy those weekend times to catch up on the "me time" so I can be refreshed and focus on them when they are home. Teaching them to help with things in the house at a younger age is also a good thing, everyone is part of the team. I also tried to give some one on one time to each child at times...because it is really tough to do that without intention. :)

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Definitely! Have 2 sons ( 2 yr old and 2 month old ) , but the oldest lives with his dad. It's hard taking care of just 1 child. I don't get any sleep and I have to work on my schooling. But I'm feeling great about it because I know that my son is safe, happy, and healthy with me. It's all worth it!

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Absolutely it is. I am a single mom to 4 boys, ages 4, 7,7 and 12. My children are slowly learning that through a ton of challenges, we survived and thrived in many ways.
As long as our children are healthy, nothing else matters.


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