Has anyone ever heard of a mother having to pay back the child support they receive?

Has you or someone you know ever had to pay back child support after they've received it? What was the situation?

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If you overestimated an expense on the child support worksheet, like work-related childcare, you may have to reconcile anticipated amounts with actual amounts. Or perhaps if your income changed during the year.

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Yes . The Mother is a drug addict and the father was called to come get the boy. However he had to continue to pay support per court order to her account untill the court had time to change the order. almost 1 1/2 year later the order finally went through. In the mean time the mother continued to spend the money on herself and her drugs. The father was paying support the whole time for the child he was supporting and raising himself. The mother is supposed to return the money and start paying support to the father, but guess what. No money yet from a drug addict, She is still supposed to pay they support back(because she didn't even have the child!) and is still getting away with it. The child is the one who pays for the druggy's bad behavior!

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Wow this is just wrong. They should have put the funds in escrow instead of sending the money to her.

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I have joint custody of my daughters, they judge signed a order stating that her nor I would be able to receive child support and that we are both suppose to support our daughters and share the transportation trip and meet half way, seeing I live in Michigan and she lives in Tennessee. In March of 2014 I noticed that that was getting child support that was suppose to be going to my son that I have with another mother. I had to file a motion to get this to stop, which I thought it did because no payments where showing on the computer going to her. Until May of this year, I just had to go back down to wayne county to figure out what was going on. Well needless to say they never put the order in the computer after the 21 days and she was still receiving it. Now they are saying I have to take her to small claims court for their mess up. This is so stressful on me and don't know who to turn to for help. In the joint custody agreement I have 1 of my daughters all year and she has the other and we change in the summer and holidays. Has anyone ever had to go through this????

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I have been paying child support,I now have my son and I'm still paying child support,my ex husband is just blowing it till the papers are signed for modification but he's not signing them I called child support they say I still have to pay him how is this fair when I always pay and up to date and my son is living with me?its like they dont care.i feel that people that keep taking the child support and dont have the child should have to be court ordered to pay it back because if you didn't pay child support you can go to jail so it should be the same foe them.

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YES! My husband's ex wife was ordered to re-pay 5yrs of child support for 2 children that she claimed were his but were not. They were married for 6 years at the time. She is now in arrears for $36,000 and has warrants issued for her arrest for non-payment. On top of that one of the children was a medically fragile preemie; my husband's insurance company caught wind of the fact that the little girl was no longer his dependant due to Paternity Fraud when he cancelled his coverage on her. They now have a civil suit against her to re-coop the $$ that they paid out for her daughter's care - over $1 million (she was in the NICU for 93 days).

Don't fall for the "wedlock" answer, judges are starting to catch on to women who lie about paternity and feel that they are safe because they were married at the time!!

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Yes, but usually only in cases invovling fraud- where the mother lied about income to the court or willfly lied about who the father was

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Sure, if it was obtained by fraudelent means or DCSS makes some funcky accounting error. Now fraud, is many things- like saying the kid lives with you more than 50% of the time in a given year, you lie about your income or hardships- those are common ones.

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no get a better lawyer I have heard of having it reduced but no to paying back monies paid out . Matter a fact my stepson lived with us for a few years and my husband ex took us to court for the support he didn't pay while he was living with us and we had to pay that too ,

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If you still have a current support order, it shows up as a credit. If you are done with your term of paying support and there was an overage in payments made for whatever reason, the mother or father certainly owes the person paying the support any overage paid. If they don't willingly pay it back, you go to court and get a judgement against them so you can garnish their wages and tax return. Custodial parents are only entitled to what the courts order, and if it was paid through the system, it is certainly returnable. Also, don't ever let a woman or man try to tell you not to go through the courts, because all of the payments you made prior to having a legal agreement will be considered gifts and will not reduce the amount of arrerages owed.

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Yes, because my soon-to-be-ex cried poor to the CSA (Child Support Agency as we call them in Australia).It will automatically be taken out of my tax refund when I do my tax. It SUCKS big time because I know that he can pay the pifling amount set by the CSA, as he now solely owns the very profitable business that we started together. Mind you it is for THREE of his kids that he is denying support for.

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Yes. When Dad can prove that she really isn't spending it on anything that benefits the children. Ya know the mom driving the Bentley and her kids needed new clothes, but she never bought them? We all know a few of those!!

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I think the mom would have to pay the child support back if it was found out that the father wasn't the actual Bio father. Not all states require a paternity test when setting up support orders.

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Actually, all states allow the father the option of establishing paternity based on DNA test before establishing Child Support (this is assuming the parents were not married at the time of the child's birth). If a man waives that right, than changes his mind, the mother is not required to repay support if he is in fact not the father. Additionally, if a child is born within a marriage, the husband is the legal father, regardless of actual paternity, in most states. (Not saying this is right.) Regarding the original question, yes a mother - or father - can be required to refund child support paid to them under some circumstances. IE, child is emancipated legally but child support keeps going to mom or child goes to live with dad but court order is still in effect for awhile. However, a parent who pays child support has no say in how it is spent as long as there is no child neglect. (IE, child is fed, has addiquit <SP> clothing, housing, etc.). The mom can drive a Bently, new shoes, whatever. Honestly, my son's father, who is a great dad, pays $400 a month. This doesn't even cover half of expenses for my child (if you include rent, etc). So if he were to say - and he wouldn't - "why are you using my money for 'x"" I'd respond "bite me."

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I hope so, we are still paying CS for my 19 yr SD. who graduated in May. (our states law is high school graduation or 18 which ever is later. Her birth month is Sept) So while we wait the courts systems and attorneys for our modification we continue to pay the BM they extra child support, we have no choice!

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our state gives the child until October 1st of the year they graduate to enroll in college or child support stops then..it was 3 days before my son's 19th birthday...my ex had a fit that he was still paying child support, he wanted it stopped when he turned 18, he wanted it stopped when he graduated in May, his wonderful parental advise to his son was to wait until the following year to go to college so he could get it stopped (if they enroll after October 1st, you can't get child support reinstated), he wanted it stopped when he (the father) was sitting in prison for 2 years and just getting further behind....my son is 20 years old now and my ex got a credit off his $15,000 arrearage for the time it took to modify the order...only because I agreed to it, I didn't have to and he had an attorney, I didn't.

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hi, yes ny mom is going through this right now..long story short my sister and my mom has co guardianship of my sisters daughter and the dhs child support went to my mom and they were to split it. Well DHS sent $496 in July and $496 in September and my mom recieved a letter saying she has to pay like $996 back. They wont even explain and they only claim they collected child support from the father $588 so where are they getting $996???? There werew years where they collected nothing adn so my mom/sister got nothing. If DHS screwed up then thats their problem. Our question is, whatever they collect goes for the child and im thinking DHS wants to keep the money for themselves because there is no way they can pay that back or should have to. i told my mom to call and have them give her a statement from the past 2 years of how much they collected from father and how much they paid in. OKLAHOMA DHS sucks....

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Child support isn't only a mother's right. What about single dads that receive it? And there's many circumstances in which a mother would have to also support her child or repay child support.

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Yes, my ex bounced several checks. They went to child support services, they paid me the money each month. 8 months later they came back to me and told me I had to repay the money because the checks bounced. It went into the arrears my ex owed, but i was still out the money I needed.

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That is wrong! They should have check out if the checks were good before they sent you the money!!!! He should be the one who has to pay them back! Can you sue him or them to make them make it right? Your children and you should not be the one's made to pay for that loser! He belongs in JAIL!

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