How did you feel like a few days before you went into labor?

What did you feel like in the days prior to go into labor? Did it feel much different from the rest of your third trimester?

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I had a huge burst of energy and wanted to clean everything!!

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I was anxious about everything at our house being perfect for the baby, the first time. The second time I was going crazy. I was running up and down the stairs, walking up hills, I debated castor oil, but thought it was a bad idea. We even went swing dancing. In the end, she was 10 days late.

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bored...just sitting round the house playing with my hair waiting for baby

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I felt great! The day before I went into labour was my last day of work (I was a couple weeks early), so I went to a few different goodbye parties & a birthday party, got home around midnight, tired but happy & started having contractions four and a half hours later. It was a surprise, but up until then I felt just fine other than being tired from not sleeping well due do a giant tummy always getting in the way, peeing like crazy & also a bit tired of having a head rub up against my pelvic bone!

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I felt like I had the flu. I could eat and keep everything down, but I just slept and felt awful! I also craved pizza. Maybe it's all the carbs my body knew it'd need for labor and delivery? LOL My DR told me it's typical to feel that way when you go into labor. I thought I was just sick because I didn't even feel my contractions.

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the first few days of me haveing my son, i was really nerves...i really dnt cll my self goin n 2 labor bcuz my labor was n that subject i didnt really have labor pains i wuz jus really nerves

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Honestly a few days before I went into labour I was sick.. sicker than I had been for most of my pregnancy which was tough cause I had non stop morning sickness.... then the day before my water broke Feb. 23rd I had the most awesome day ever! Was not sick whatsoever was relaxed and had a great day! my water broke overnight and I didnt know until I couldnt stop "peeing" the next morning :)

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I feel the urge to clean. I cleaned the house all day as if no one know how to do anything when I am not there!

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