How did you tell your partner you were pregnant?

How did you share the good new with the father-to-be?

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My husband, the scientist. I did a pregnancy test. First thing, he'd want to know if I'd double-checked. Then, he'd want to know if I'd done the test right. (Lots of scientific skeptic in him!)

So before I phoned him I lined up three positive pregnancy tests on the bathroom counter, along with the instructions.

Then I phoned him and told him I was pregnant. He came home immediately and joined me in the bathroom. When he saw what I'd lined up on the counter, he started laughing -- I know him too well! He still examined everything though.

Finally he about fell over when he realized that after 10 years of marriage we were about to be parents for the first time!!!! Thrilled and terrified! Now we have three boys and still feel thrilled and terrified. :)

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I went to work leaving the positive test on a piece of paper with "Hello Daddy!" written on it, with the TV remote next to it, only thing I could guarantee he would actually see.

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Hahaha TOTALLY get that... or by the Xbox.... lol

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With my children did a couple different thing with first wrapped up test and gave to him, second one was a card how we are making something special with ten fingers and ten toes and due in august.

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I told him we would have to save up for a bigger vehicle! Lol! Our 8 seater is full! ;))

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I found out right after Thanksgiving (oops!) by taking a pregnancy test, I took another one to be sure, and then I kept a third one. We were at my parent's house, in between moves from Japan to Hawaii, getting his green card together, spending the holidays with my folks, last snow before Hawaii, etc, and we went to New York for a couple days, while he was sightseeing I went shopping and got a I ♥NY bib, and wrapped it up, and gave it and another (fresh) test to him on Christmas morning!
But......he told me he already knew because my body temperature had been high, and my boobs started to look different.
kind of anticlimactic but he was still excited. He was more excited when I actually popped out though!

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I was in the area so I walked to my Fiances work and showed him the test. He was a server at a restaurant at the time and was punching in the order and almost fell over! He just went blank and couldn't figure out what to punch in. then he put his hand to his head and smiled. For some time he was shocked. Neither of us planned or expected it, but as a father of our toddler now I couldnt have asked for more ♥

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my ex he told me every time I got pregnant. And about how far a long I was before I even saw a Doctor. The Doctor just conformed what he had told me, but I didn't tell anyone that mostly him. Because he would have come back" with see I'm always right." That is just one of the reasons that he is now my ex. I have 2 beautiful daughters by him though.

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I told my mom first, it was really early in the morning and couldn't get the words out. Finally told her that I was pregnant and not in those words and she was quiet but not mad. I was 22 at the time and she then went on to tell my dad, they weren't upset though, they where happy they where going to be parents not to mention very supportive when I told them I was going to be a single mom. So I was lucky.

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i handed my positive test strips to my husband calling him outside the toilet saying i idk wht is he saw he was surprised dat it is positive..

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I told my partner I was pregnant over the phone, I went out got the test, done it in the toilets and then rang him. He was thrilled,mgood job really as I fell pregnant agan when my son was only 6mths old. I txt him that time but again he was thrilled.

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The day i found out i was pregnant with my first was the day a good friend of mine had her baby. I told my husband, "My friend had her baby this morning! And we're having one too!"
With our second i gave my husband a picture frame with a picture of our daughter in it. The frame said, "Brand New Big Sister"
WIth our third i baked a cake and put 3 candles it. When he asked what the cake was for i told him the candles represented our children. It took him a second but once he got it he was shocked!! (baby #2 was only 9 months old at the time!)
With our fourth i found out right after Father's Day. I wrapped up the test and told him it was a late Father's Day present.
With our fifth i used pink and blue papers and made a banner that i hung on the mantle (first thing he'd see when he came home from work) that said, "Welcome Home Daddy of 5!"

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he told me i was i was indenial

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with our oldest child, we had been trying for 2 years and had two miscarriages so there was no fanfare when I tested positive. When I tested positive with our second child it was a little more mysterious. I had tested negative earlier in the week and then I was a full week late I tested again. This time it was positive but it was also our 10th Anniversary. It probably wasn't the "cleanest:" thing to do, but I put the test stick (in a baggie) and gave it to my husband in his anniversary card. He was quite surprised! :)
We just celebrated our 20th Anniversary and there were no surprises! LOL

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he guessed

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We had been trying with no success for months, so we had decided to relax and give it up for awhile. A couple of months later, I had the flu and had been throwing up for days. My mom had asked if I thought I was pregnant and I told her I "was way too sick to be pregnant". Finally, my husband took me in to the clinic. He waited in the lobby while I went in. I about fell off the table when my doctor told me "I was just a little bit pregnant."! I went to check out and my husband approached and asked what the doctor had said. I said, "The doctor said you are going to be a dad!"! He picked me up and spun me all around the lobby in joy!

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I just came out of the toilet at home waving the pregnancy test ;)

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My husband told me with our last one- he kept asking if Aunt Flo had showed up yet!! The second I was late he made me take a pregnancy test, was he excited or what???

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I didn't tell him. The doctor told us. We were in it together from the beginning

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