How do I make my teething baby eat?

The pain and discomfort of teething can often make your baby reluctant to feed. How do you get your child to feed when you are confronted with this problem?

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as long as your baby is drinking their bottles i wouldn't push them to have spoon-feed's as there gum's are sensitive and sore... of-course keep trying them with their spoon-feed's but don't force them to eat if they don't want to.

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I have a question for you about this...what do you do if bottle feedings hurt the baby? I think my little girl is getting ready to cut a tooth, all the signs of it and a little redness on her I was just curious. She does spoon feed really well. But she seems to have slowed down on her bottle.

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My daughter is getting her upper tooth and she won't take her bottle....she'll eat solid foods but doesn't really want her bottle. I don't know if she is just tapering herself off it, she will drink water like there is no tomorrow but not her bottle...I'm at a loss myself....

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My 8 month year old son is teething he stop eating heavy food and only drink alittle of my breast milk am really worried about wat to do can anyone help and give me alittle tip of what to do thank you.

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I would not encourage you to try making your baby eat because this can cause long term problems with food. Instead take cues from your child. If they show signs of wanting to eat try by giving a small amount of smooth baby rice or a vege like sweet potatoe and seeing if they open their mouths to receive it. If their to gues protrude they are not ready. If they keep opening their mouths in an eating fashion or are consistently watching you when you eat or keep trying to reach for your food then that is a good sign to try again. If babies are acting satisfied after a normal feed then they have no need to eat solids. Before my son started properly on solids I would cut up a bit of apple and put it in a little gauze holder for him to suckle on and he loved it. If your child will not feed at all you can gently rub their gums or some people rub bonjela on them. Be careful though because some babies gums get easily irritated. Sometimes just giving them a calm environment and things to suck on like a frozen cloth or pacifier or even a smooth piece of ice can numb things and take the pressure off tender gums. A relaxing bath, lots of encouragement, distraction and extra cuddles can help. If you aware breast feeding this can be a sign that your child may need to change to formula and the fact that your babe is teething could be a coincidence. A teething necklace could help as the warmth of the amber often calms and soothes your baby making teething a lot easier for them.

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I have found a fresh food feeder (which is like a dummy but has a net type thing which you can put fruit in). My little miss is now nearly 6 months old and the last few weeks if her gums have been hurting her and she isn't eating, I give her a bit of fresh fruit in the feeder which has been in the fridge or freezer. Seems to cool the sore gums and she is still getting some food. :)

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Is it possible of 4 months baby to have teeth?Bcoz my baby is always putting her fingers in her mouth and everytime I nurse her she bite my nipple and it's really hurt of course! And she don't use to eat as she used to,even I force to nurse her but she just ignoring it and crying.She prefer her fingers rather than my breast.Since this is my first time having a baby I don't have idea about it and I am worrying coz yesterday we been to her pedia and she just weigh 6.5kg..When she was 3 mos she weighs 6.4,that means her weight is not good.Any idea pls..if what should I do to turn her appetite back. I am really worrying of this coz she feels uncomfortable,she wants me to carry her always. And it's really tiring and stressing for me :(

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my baby is 8 month old and teething now.she was on breast milk untill 6 month than I started bottle milk and some solid food too.she was quite good with that.but she just came back form her grand ma and pa's place (India) after 4 month. after coming form there she is not taking milk and any other food at she just want breast milk all the time.I think breast milk enough for her. she get cranky some time too.I really afraid about her heath..please suggest me how to make my baby eat food or milk ?

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We use Zwieback Toast when our little ones were teething... it helped with the pain of teething & provided a little nutrition as well. We didn't fuss about how much they ate as long as they took in a little... when they are hungry they will eat, pain or not!

A tip:
We would give our teething little ones clean frozen washcloths to gnaw on (clean washcloth, wet with water then ring out & place in the freezer)... The washcloth will be cold which soothes the pain & the roughness of the washcloth will gently help cut those tiny teeth through the gums. Babies love to put everything in their mouths so this is an easy solution... it's both soothing & stimulating.

Good luck!

Shauna Nilsson ~ Mum of 9 beautiful kids!
Layton, Utah

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to lessen the pain you should put his or her teether in the freezer and when its cold offer it to numb the gums!!!!

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Ok so my son, 1 yr old has not been eating anything but his cereal in his bottle so i finally got him to eat something else by putting his Gerber food into a bottle and diluting it a bit so he can drink it easier. I hope he keeps it up until he's back on his solids or at least spoon feeds. Good luck ya'll.

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i am lucky that my son will feed no matter how unwell he is, but teething powder and a bit of some pain killer does a lot of good.

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Hyland's teething tablets are a life saver and can relieve a lot of your baby's pain. They may still not want to eat anything and that's ok as long as they are still taking fluids. They will always go through phases when they eat more or less.

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frozen pacifiers! we squeeze the binkie under water and let it suck up water inside of it. then toss it in the freezer. we keep a bunch in the freezer like this. our son loves them! even if he is just fussy or tired it gives him a nice cool distraction. then again he is old enough to hold them in his hand and chew it in his mouth too. he only has 2 teeth but he's been teething for months now! waiting for more to come in.

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i bought my son teething cookies. the sticks the go in the water bottles that you can freeze, my son loved those.

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my baby is still on my feed.... the pain and discomfort of teething is bugging him each day....but don't force them to eat if they don't want to....

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I have been struggling to get my son to eat for weeks now. I thought that he might be teething, but we went to the dr for a check up and she said that it doesn't seem like teething and taht he is not sick or anything. He is chewing his hands of, druling a lot and seems to have some discomfort.
Any advice for me?

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I don't force my baby to eat. He likes to be independant. He loves to feed himself so I chop up fruit and veggies small enough for him to chew and the rubs it on his gums. So its a win win for me. He eats and is happy and it helps his gums.

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My son does this often. I try to think of his eating habits in terms of weeks, not days. For example, 'How has he eaten this week?'

If my son is off his food due to teething, I let him not eat for a while. As long as he's not dehydrated, he will be fine and he tends to sort himself out in a few days.

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i wouldn't force it. I agree with Karen. As long as your little one is getting enough milk I wouldnt worry.

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I wouldn't force it. I agree with Karen. As long as your little one is getting enough milk I wouldnt worry.

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My mom hates it but I makes their bottle ice cold, or make their cereal ice cold also. I make it cold so it will numb the gums, I hate using motrin or otc products, but they make an all natural teething gel that i use to calm him down. It was hard for us, our baby started teething around 2 mos and had his first two teeth before 4 months. So we had to be inventive on what we did to make him comfortable.

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Melanie, I did exactly the same thing, my daughter cut her first tooth at about 4 months, and she was still weeks if not a month or more from real solids, so I kept her formula ice cold too. I used Hylands natural teething gel and oragel when I couldn't find Hylands. She was pretty easy with the whole teething process, but her gums did bother her.

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