How do I potty train my child while traveling?

Potty training is difficult enough on its own, but even more so when you are travelling with your child. What are some suggestions for moms who are potty training a child while on a trip?

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when we go on road trips we bring her little potty seat with us. it has its own space in the trunk so if she has to go and we are in the middle of no where i can ppull over and let her go in the chair. i just dump it on the side of the road. in a plane we sit as far in the back as we can so we can be right by the bathroom and usually no one sits in the back so we get a whole row!

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With the boys, we used what ever leftover Gatorade bottle was lying around or a quick roadside stop. Now with the girls, it's a little more complicated. I try to travel when it's night so that they sleep most of the way. If I can't drive at night, I just bring the portable seat with us. I have one that just sits on top of a regular potty and then I don't have to worry about them sitting on nasty truck-stop/rest area toilets. It has it's own little bag with a plastic lining that we just keep sterilizing. Good luck on your road trip, even with the hassle of extra time and stops, they are usually well worth it.

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Bring along a plastic potty or jar if they are a boy. This may help and give him/her a chocolate bar if they do. Hope this helps!!

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My daughter is 27mths old and we are training her..She's pretty much done.. but night time is still an issue..More us than her, we just don't need to give her milk right before bed..have to get out of that old habbit.

Anyways.. Get a protable baby potty..or a (toilet topper) for Hotel rooms and gas stations and what not......and even on the side of the road if need be...

Get pullups or something like it.. we use pampers little movers slip ons.. they are not pullups but I think you get more for your money and the kid can take them on and off just as easy..!

If you can wait to potty train until you get home, even better.. I wanted to train my daughter in Feb, but we were on a 2 week trip and I decided to wait till we got home, and then I waited until summer..when I would be home with her everyday..

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We are about to travel across country (South Carolina to California) which will take us 7 days. I have to admit that I have prolonged potty training my 2 year old a tad because of this upcoming trip. Technically, he is probably ready, as any time I have him sit on his potty seat, he does go. However, spending 7 days in the car and stopping every 30 minutes just made me think of crazy times ahead. I will most definitely be getting him completely potty trained once we make our move in about a week.

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I always travel with a potty in the car with toilet paper and a large bottle of water.
Regular stops at public toilets too; but i still take the potty in case one of the girls need to go and can't wait til the next public toilet. My son thinks it is great that he can 'pee on a tree' on the side of the road.
If one of the kids needed to go; I stop on the side of the road and set the potty up just like i would at home and let the little one go.

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I have a potty watch I got from lilian Vernon catalog with light & alarm on it. I set it for 30 min's and when it go's off lights blink and it says it's potty time. Just try it laddys.

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We are usually road tripping. You have to figure in extra time and with a 11, 6, and 3 year old. My 6 has a tiny bladder so we end up stopping every 45 minutes to 2 hours. Every two hours is a good measure of time though for someone potty training... frustrating for the driver that just wants to get there though. I feel like we just get out on the road and someone is say... mom I gotta pee. Good luck!


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