How do I teach my daughter to let us know if she has a dirty diaper?

Sometimes it's obvious, but other times it's not. How can you teach your baby to tell you that she has a dirty diaper?

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How old is your baby? Around 9months to 1 year is when mine was able to start noticing the dirty diaper thing.. this was also the age where she was too wiggly to lay down and let me change her. So I made up a song "No boo-boos on the bum bum". And explained it like we need to get that poo poo so you don't get any ouchies! and usually she would calm down enough to let me change her. Now after doing it for so long, she sings the song when she has a dirty pull up.. at this point were potty training so now she understands to sit on the potty when going poo, yet she still sings the song ... "no boo-boos on the bum bum!" =) it's fun and silly yet she understand the importance of it. Hope this helps!

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I taught my son the sign for diaper.

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My daughter was telling me as soon as she was born, she would immediately cry and kick her feet. I changed her so often to keep her dry that by 3 months she told me (2 or 3 times) before she had to go. I would take her in to be changed to find the diaper not even wet/dirty, then she peed on me. I started potty training her at 4 months and by 6 months she was only using a diaper for naps (2 diapers there) and 1 at night and maybe 2 more diapers as accidents. I started hardcore potty training when she started to walk, she never told me she was wet, ever. She was potty trained before she could talk. It was mostly cues and the sign for potty. When she was able to say pee, poop, and potty, she would use those words to communicate her need to go. (14 months). She was day trained by 15 months and I credit keeping her dry! I started out when she was born telling her she was wet and we would put a dry diaper on her, sometimes we didn't even use a diaper.

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Kids now a days are smater than we think and a lot smarter than they want us to know. So what I do is a lot easier for me is take my daughter in the bathroom with me put her on the potty (even if I don't have to go), mainly if your at home all the time, and get her used to the sounds of tinkling and when tinkling doesn't happen ask if booty is ready for poopy my lil girl laughs at me all the time, I guess she's like how can u go poopy all the time mommie? It's been working so far, and sometimes it's okay to leave it on them for a little longer than usual, the smell is horrible but they won't want to leave it on them that long and will start telling you they have to go poopy.

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When my son was a little over 1 I started telling him "ewww yucky poo poo, time to change you". He loved the rhyme. Now he's 2 and comes running whenever he has a poo poo and shows me his bum. It takes alot of time though. You need to talk to your baby, they do understand. Keep it short and simple and they will respond.

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I am so glad that this question was posted. For some reason, I though babies/children automatically noticed a dirty diaper. I have always heard about babies crying when their diaper was dirty or wet. Mine, NEVER did that. So now, we have to teach her. She's 18 months. A great lead into to potty training.

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You don't. If you just change it when she gets wet (check it frequently) and get a feeling of when and how often she goes she will automatically start wanting it off when it's wet. And then you can even leave it off (say at home or outside at least) and just give her one after it's been awhile and she will go in it and then you take it off again. This works especially well with cloth diapers when both you and they can tell immediately and easily when it's wet.
This is what worked for us! It does take some extra attention, but really pays off. My daughter was almost completely trained by 2 and a half, and then she only pooped in the diaper but she would tell me when she wanted to go.

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my daughter says "stinky mommy" and shows her tush to me. We just started saying stinky when she went poopy in her diaper and she eventually picked up on it.

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We joke and laugh with our daughter about it! We winkle our noses point and laugh at her stinky bum and joke that it's smelly! She soon started wanting to make us laugh about it every time. So, she came to us with her "stinky-smelly" diapers! We praise EVERY EVERY TIME!

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We started saying eeewww poopy when our daughter was about 17 months, now she plugs her noise and says poopy poopy to me. And I know its time to change her.

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Mine is 16 months & he just saying heeaa, when he got popo, but it depends on the baby. every baby is different but u can take her to the bathroom & show her the ditry diaper saying popo!!

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