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How do you know you are ready for more children?

After the the busyness of the first child, some moms want a break, and some moms want more kids quickly. How do you know when you're ready to have another child?

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You just know weather its from the experience of your first or the person you are. Some women like to have a child but a career too so more than one can be difficult but if you are a family minded person then you will know how many you can handle, after having the first although all children are extremely different so just because you had a good child the first time does not mean it will happen with the second. It come down to thinking what is good for your family at the time and of couse youself.

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You may get what I call "baby fever." You'll want to be pregnant or may even have feelings of being preganant; inner-glow, weight fluctuations, morning-sickness, etc., This happened every two years for my mom and myself, she had us kids 2 years apart; I had my two, four years apart but I felt a strong compulsion to get pregnant before then and afterwards. Having an option of planning for a pregnancy is wonderful and liberating. You can save money for doing the nurshery up they way youv'e always dreamed of or pay for the added expense for the new baby. You can take your time and really, really enjoy being pregnant. You will have a longer time to allow your baby to be babied and nutured and educated with your undivided attention for awhile longer. My younger daughter has her children 10y, & 7 y (by marriage) then 2 1/2 y and 8 months. She wanted a two year gap between her children, too. Having four boys to raise, she now wishes she would have waitied until Nate was out of the terrible two's before having another baby- but all is good. My older daughter is planning on adopting two siblings 2 - 4 years apart in age next year. Good luck in making your decision and keep us updated on what you decide to do. I hope I have been helpful in my ramblings.

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I don't think you ever know! You just have to go for it. I am going through this thought process at the moment. We want to have number 2, and my D/H would have me 3 months pregnant already so that there is just 12 months between 1 and 2. I am not pregnant yet though and I thinking of waiting another few months till my 6 month old is weaned from the breast. But when that time comes will I think I want to wait for something else? like, Potty training? Or second birthday?
Maybe I should just go for it now?!

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When you find out your are PG. That's how most couples know.

Good spacing of children is about 2 years apart so the baby can be a baby for a while and the children will be close enough to enjoy each other. A 2 year old loves helping take care of the baby. I am an observer of people and noticed there is a lot of rivalry when the children are less than 18 months apart; a close bond & friendship when they are between 18 mo to 2 1/2 years; and past the 2 1/2 years, they just do their own thing seperate from each other. So spacing is important.

Unless you are finantially wealthy, you will never be ready for a baby because of your income. If you have a loving relationship and both want a baby, the time is right. Been married 46 years and have learned a lot over the years.

One of my brothers is 18 months younger than me and everyone thought we were twins and when in high school, they thought we were dating. We are still close even though he lives in another state. My other brother is 7 years younger than me. We were close but did very little together because of the age difference. Today he lives 4 miles away and we are very close.

Our children are 2 years apart and are very close (always have been). Hope this helps.

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Forgot, Our daughter's children were 10 months to a year apart and all they did was fight (revalry). They are grown now and get along most of the time.

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oh i see! yes, if you want more children! but depends on the Money and saved the money then can be sperm inside her pregnant again.. it's really fine! winks... God bless you!

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If we waited until we were ready we wouldn't have any kids. We have four though! We really didn't think about things too much. You figure it out as you go. I never ached for a baby, but knew I wanted a bigger family.

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What do you do when your "baby-fever" is in full swing but your husband wants to wait?????

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How can you ever KNOW you are ready for more? Especially since you have no idea what the next child will be like, how the older one(s) will react, what life will be like at the time the child arrives independent of his/her arrival... there are so many variables. You can FEEL in your heart or in your mind that you are ready or that you WANT... but do you ever really KNOW? The truth is you really don't know what you can handle, how you will feel, what you can 'afford'... When you are ready to face ANYthing...illness, a suddenly bad economy, death, the imaginable and the unimaginable...then you are ready to have more children. Life is all a crapshoot. If you aren't ready to work to cope with whatever comes you're way, then you aren't really ready.

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It is so very true about never being ready for kids financially unless you are some celebrity. I didn't realize that until my mother n law told me when i was prego. WE thought we would try for baby #2 when our daughter was a year and half but got a surprise baby girl ! I found out i was prego when our daughter was 11 mths old. I felt good that i was able to nurse her til she was 13 mths. old since i wanted to nurse he til she was a year to 1 1/2 yrs. Sometimes you don't know you are ready til you have to be. Its kinda funny. Both of our kids were surprises. I always wonderd how does a surprise happen when there is birth control but i think if we all had a baby when the time was perfect for us then it wouldn't ever happen or it wouldn't be our "right time". ONly God knows when it is right. I was ready to have a baby as soon as i got married. We were already together for 4 years. I found out i was pregnant 7 mths. after we got married. It was a shock at first but i loved knowing that we were going to have a little part of "us.

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When you are emotionally and financially ready.

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u never have enough money

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