How do you prepare home-cooked meals for 6 month old baby girl?

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They really should not be eating too much different foods at six months.babies at this age can only handle very small portions of cereal and veggies,they have to be mashed really good with a small amount of water or formula or breast milk and no salt ,you must remember that you only give them one food at a time so if they have allergies you can see right away what is causing it.Start with yellow and orange veggies first then add in green,like peas and green beans if you are mashing them yourself,remember to get the string out of the green beans.I hope this helps you...

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We have a baby food grinder that allows our daughters to eat anything. At about 4 months, (which is not advised by doctors, but as parents we felt like our daughters were ready), we began to grind up steamed veggies, and at about 6 months or so we began introducing more meats. With a baby grinder (We have this one:, we would grind up sweet potatoes, yams, onions, potatoes, broccoli, green beans, corn, bananas, strawberries, etc. Pretty much anything we gave our toddler, we gave to our infant. And so for meals, we kinda followed this idea: Breakfast: Banana, Strawberries, and Infant oatmeal or cereal; Lunch: Veggies mixed with infant oatmeal or cereal; Dinner: Meat and veggies.

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When my kids were that age all I did was take what we were eating and mashed it up either with a fork or in a small food processor. There is not too much extra prep you need to do and it's cheaper and much healthier for the kids.

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My doctor told me to give Kylie one veggie a week to see if she has an allergic reaction.

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For a six month old you need to feed him by giving small portions of meal that are easy on their digestive system. Go for mashed food items like mashed potato, banana, and if you find the paste too thick or thin, you can add bit of breast milk or water to make it. Butternut squash is another great option, you can bake it until shell skin is soft then dig out squash meat out of it and puree it using a baby blender. Don’t introduce too much items at once, before introducing a new food item, take atleast a gap of 5-6 days. And be careful while introducing a new food and look for symptoms if you thing baby is allergic to the food. Most common symptoms are gas, rashes, changes in bowel movement. Here is a great blog giving you detailed info.

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i have four daughters and currently my 7 month old eats mostly organic baby jar foods, fruits, veggies. I do however make home made soups and mix that with crackers and she absolutely loves it. She does not get an upset tummy or constipation. Also, fluffy potatoes that are whipped with a blender and gravy she absolutely devours...

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I did puree one veg at a time with my first baby, but with my second he just had what we were eating mashed up from day one. By around 8 months he was eating it himself and just had it chopped up. Recently at a year old, he's also got quite good with a spoon. Not had any problems doing it this way and found we progressed through the stages a lot quicker, with him eating lumpy food almost straight away, and he also achieved independent eating at an earlier age.

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I have had 6 baby's take the lead from them they will tell you when they are ready at 6 months they are ok with chicken and veg mashed down and like other have said when it a new teast try it with something they already eat as you will know if they like it and allergic to it. I have had good kids as I followed they lead they was on all our food really quick and eat well and move from mash to bits to unmashed very quickly and happily. Let them also play with they dinner when you have time as they can feel what each thing feels like and will soon be trying to spoon feed and have finger food annabel Kipling ( mite not be spelt right) but her book are really helpful too

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