How do you scold a 15 month when they throw a bad temper tantrum?

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I have an extremely strong-willed almost 3-year old that threw her first tantrum when she was 9 months old. Ignoring the tantrums did work for awhile, but as I mentioned, she is very strong-willed. She soon began to just continue screaming, kicking, and crying. Now when she starts a tantrum, I place her in the "time out" chair, tell her she can get up when she is done, and walk out of the room. When she has quieted down, I ask her if she is done, and then tell her she can get down. I don't make any more of the issue.

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I ignore the tantrums thrown by my 16 month old. This typically puts a quick end to it. By not acknowledging tantrums he is not getting the attention he wanted and then realizes there is no point. I do the same when my 5 year old tries throwing one and it is effective to him as well. good luck and not giving in is the key. if they are getting what they want after a tantrum, then in their eyes they won and you enforced the thought that bad behavior gets you what you want.

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My son is 17 months now and has been having tantrums for a couple of months. When he has a tantrum, i firmly tell him to stop having a temper tantrum and keep my eye contact with him. He looks at me confused and stops. His tantrums have calmed down a lot since i started this.
Hope you get through this stage!

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At that age there really isn't much else to do other than tell them no. If it persists, ignore it since at that age they aren't going to understand much else constructive, discipline wise. When it comes to where mine will throw things at people, I firmly grab her hand and say no. Next step in that scenario is simply removing her from a location where she can make contact with her projectiles. Or remove all throwable objects. At such a young age, there really is no comprehension when it comes to an explanation. My 18 month old is far more strong willed than my 8 year old was, so I'm finding that some kids do need a bit more than ignoring and saying no. Hence getting down to her eye level, taking her hand she used to throw, and telling her no. I try and make sure to somehow connect the no with the action she did wrong.

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always always ignore it i say! my boy has his tantrums and when he kicks off he kicks off! i walk away and ignore him or i place him in the hallway for 2 mins (he is now 2) if hes gotten to the grab and throw stage that is! Now in general hes a really well behaved boy now but not in his grans! she has always tried and tried to be nice, pamper him even give in so he is way to much in hers if he is in a huff! (not when mamas there of course!) or sometimes he starts and i think thats because he forgot i am there! Make your life as easy as possible leave them to it and then dont give them what it was they kicked off for in the 1st place

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I didn't know a 15 mth old threw My son just started throwing I would say small tantrums and he's 29mths(2). I ignore him and he gets right up and start doing something else that grabs his attention.

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ignore, ignore, and ignore some more. No audience, no reaction, no workie for baby.

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Lay, sit or stand {whichever position child is in} and do the worked for my son several yrs ago & he was even to the point of holding his breath!!!!!


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