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How do you stop a babies from biting?

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I totally agree with Enna, bitting is painful when your baby sees that it hurts & it's a firm no cause it causes pain your baby will see it & will start to understand. If your baby is teething orajel for babies gums worked wonders for many parents plus giving your baby a clean wet cold cloth to bite on worked well too.
Best of luck

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Bite them back (TOTALLY JUST KIDDING!!) I think the answer really depends on WHY they're biting. When my babies bit me, especially when I was breastfeeding them, I cried out in pain. It scared them and they stopped doing it. If they're old enough that they're biting other kids, you need to put them in time out, or just remove them from the situation. I also think giving them things that are acceptable to bite is a good idea. If they're older and they're biting because they're mad about something, then they need to be coached on more appropriate behavior. Be prepared though, the parents of the kids your child is biting are not going to be happy. I didn't cause a fuss, but I was upset when another child was biting my daughter. Eventually it stopped.

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Babies often NEED to bite. Babies under 18mths old make sure teething pain is revelived have toys they can bite, hard veggie sticks give ease to pain and reward babies with food rather than attention of parents. Distraction before bitting for this age works well. Dont give the baby attention (even negitive) for bitting or they will learn this is a sure fire way to be the centre of the world!! Not many children over the age of 2 bite those that do need to be dealt with like those who hit time out ect.


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