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How has your getting ready routine changed since becoming a mom?

Whether you no longer wear makeup, blow dry your hair, or plan your outfits, what have you changed and not changed about getting ready to leave the house since you became a mom?

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Since having my son it has changed a lot. I have to make sure I start getting ready a half hour earlier. I only do this so that I can make sure I don't go out looking like a slob, and so my son is ready and his diaper bag is packed. I told myself that having a child would be hard but I wouldn't let myself go. I would always make sure that I would at least look decent as a mom.

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There is no excuse to not taking care of yourself. My son is now two so yes it has got easier but when he was a baby I would wake up a little earlier ansd get myself ready to allow enought time to attend to him when he woke up. Be creative while you are doing your make up in the morning put baby in jolly jummper or on floor with some toys. Never "let yourself go" if you have a routine you can't go wrong there will always be enough time.

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So terrible. I put makeup on in the car at red lights & in parking lots to save time.

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Not with her in the car, of course! After babysitter drop

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no time for anything. Always rushing!

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I never wear make up during weekends. During work days, I have to put on make up in the car during traffic lights and jam. Ever since having my first child, I just cut short hair. Now with the 2nd child, I keep my hair even shorter so that it's easy to dry and less hassle.

Dress up?? since when we had time to dress up ever since being a mommy?? THe kids will just pull my t-shirt, drool on me.

It's never sexy becoming a mommy. Just plain clothes and simple.

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It means i just have to wake up a bit earlier, and be more prepared and organised. When i'm not organised, or sleep in for a couple of mins, then that usually has me putting on makeup on in the car and doing hair in the car too.

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No more nail polish and I wear the same jewelry every day. I get up before my kids and drink my coffee while I'm feeding the pets and getting ready. If I get in a pinch I come home after dropping my kids off at school to finish getting ready and I'm late to work, but my boss lets me make up the time. I have taken my kids to school wearing my pink robe and prayed that I wouldn't get in an accident. A friend saw me and commented that he saw me driving in a pink robe. Oh, well. I also eat dry cereal or a granola bar on the way to work. One time the gate guard noticed that I had crumbs all over my lap, but I explained that I was going to dump it outside of the car when I got the car parked. I think he was just looking for a reason to talk to me. Someone once l gave me a prioritizing question. If you aren't sure if something is a good idea or not, ask yourself, will this matter in 10 years from now?

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m-f, If I dont get a chance to put on my face then the least I will do is my hair, and lately i been doing a braid on the side and the rest of it in a bun. If not just a bun.Saturday is errands and family time & if I can squeeze a date with the Hubby that night then I will try to look casual nice, just no heels or sneakers, just flats. However, I do still make time on Sundays to look my best. Its the only day I havent changed on what I do for myself. I just wake up earlier. But I really thought i was going to be those moms that would still have the kids and look good every day. I just cant do it every day. Im too tired to care most days. Im still grateful I do make time every day to Shower! LOL

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Everything about my daily routine has changed. Before it was all about sleeping in til almost noon and staying up and out most the night. Now I'm up most days by 7:30 getting kids up and ready for school and rushing them to bed about 9pm cause I'm ready for bed. Best thing is when we are all able to be ready on time and don't have to rush like crazy people to get places. But the biggest thing was for me was realizing that I wasn't the center of my own universe anymore. That as long as my kids are good and happy that's all that really matters.

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I used to take time to straighten my hair. Swore I would still take time w/ LO, but after almost three months, I've started to leave it curly and put it up. I find the hardest thing about having a newborn is that I have had to surrender much of any routine I'm used to. Getting ready for things takes a little more time, planning and flexibility (ie-poopy diaper just after I've put the baby in a new outfit and strapped her into the car seat and we're walking out the door). Although, this is our 2nd baby, so I know that this major lapse in routine doesn't last forever. My hair looks fine curly anyway. Good luck mommies!

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I always get myself ready first, children last. This minamizes the damage they can cause to them selves etc dirty clothes poopy nappy or diaper if in the USA etc. and it always takes an hour.
Good luck mummies. :)

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I take 5 min showers ( so long baths), wear little to no makeup and the ponytail is my go to hairstyle. I will say I am more organized, lunches and clothes are selected the night before.

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No time for shower. Some times pyjama top becomes the days top!U

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I actually started wearing make up and planning my out fits more after my oldest son was born.

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ohhhh.. whole world of change.. absolutely!
i am a mom of a 4 yr & 8 months old , working and taking care of house & hubby .. no extended family so no help whatsoever!

changes as follows:
1- outfits for all the 3 of us has to be picked the night before and hung up of the room door or lie on bed for easy access.
2- baby has her outfit on the night before so that we don't worry about changing her
3- bottles & lunch for myself fixed the night before and placed in fridge ready to be packed in the morning.
4- i wake up 2 hrs before i leave the house.. i take 30-45 min for myself... sorry but i won't compromise on leaving the house looking tired and messy.. make-up to be done BUT i don't straighten my hair every morning cuz i wear it natural and wash it every few days anyways.. a bad hair day is a pony hair day anyways:)
5- i fix breakfast for al of us and pack the lunches & bottles from last night then off to kiddos to wake them and dress the oldest...
6- finally dinners of the weekdays are to be cooked on Sundays otherwise we will eat out every day of the week cuz it will be impossible to cook and take care of them / house while i come late from work.

now without kids?? i would never have packed or picked clothes or prepared dinner on a Sunday!
P.S. after the second child everything is rush rush rush!! or else?!

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YES MaaM! I agree, that is my life now. I have a 3 yr old and a 7month old.. two kids is No joke!. But if no one has told you... you are a Great MOM! hope the hubby reads this!

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