How long did you wait to tell family and friends you were pregnant?

Sharing the joyous news of your pregnancy is a very personal decision. Some choose to share the good news early and often while others like to wait until they are farther along. When did you choose to tell your loved ones and why?

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We waited until we hit the 12 week mark before telling family and friends for all three of our pregnancies, This time it landed on Christmas so that was an exciting announcement! And We'll wait for any furture pregnancies as well, my mother had several miscarriages and that always made me nervous to tell as they all happened close to the end of the first trimester. I also miscarried between my oldest and youngest, just not an announcement Id want to have to retract, so I wait until we are in the ""safe zone"!!

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my mom & sister knew the day i found out. but i was almost 7 months when the rest of my family found out !

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Once we didn't tell people and just waited for them to ask.

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I personally cant wait. When I get that positive test, everyone will know. It has been that way with my two boys too. I had a miscarriage when I was 20, and one this year. Some people knew I was pregnant but im glad I told them because they were very supportive.

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With my first I didn’t wait everyone knew before I had even gone to the doctors to confirm it. Then I got pregnant again and everyone knew right from the start but I ended up having a miscarriage at 16 weeks. It was really hard because everyone knew I was pregnant but then I had to tell everyone I lost it. My step mom told me even with my first I should wait till I was around 20 weeks. When I got pregnant again I waited that time, I mean people started to figure it out but I didn’t come out and confirm until I was around 20 weeks.

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I waited with both my children till about 5 months to tell anyone. I was one of the lucky ones who got away with keeping it a secret. I wanted to wait past the 3 month mark because of the risk of miscarriage.
I would hate to get everyone all excited if ( god forbid) if the pregnancy didn't follow through.
Then I would have to sadly tell everyone the terrible news.

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I told very close friends right away. People who I knew I could trust in the case of a miscarriage. I then waited until I got the ultrasound and the results of the preliminary genetic screening to tell my family. I'm 16 weeks now, and still haven't told everyone. It feels really personal. I am waiting for some secondary genetic screening results before telling the remainder of my friends. And I probably won't announce on facebook until maybe 7 months..... I feel protective of my pregnancy, and don't feel like broadcasting every single detail. But, I do think it's really personal... you never know how each person feels, and I don't think there is a *right* time to do it, just the *right* time for you and your partner :-)

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when i am 6-7 month, as i am afraid to urter it to my parent. i will let them know by sending them a text message and switch my phone off for abot a day because i know they will tell me all i am not expecting since i upset and disappoint them.

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With this second pregnancy we waited till I was 7 months, due to my fiance being scared to tell his parents and family (I still do not know why, but at least they found out at some point). When we told them they were very very happy and are now going to throw us a baby shower. I told him he had nothing to worry about, but being as stubborn as he is just had to wait till he got over his fear.

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With my first, I told everyone when I found out, but I was already several months in. With the one I'm having now, I found out in September, but didn't tell anyone till December. I wanted to tell my dad at Christmas, and I didn't want anyone else to tell him first. A couple of friends who know me too well knew, but other than that, just me and my partner knew that whole time.

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I told my family and close friends as soon as I found out! I told my work as soon as I started with morning sickness so they didn't think I had an eating disorder.

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It was many years ago, but I will never forget the joy of the moment when I was told I was pregnant, I told everyone immediately !! That "baby" will turn 30 in May !!!!

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We didn't wait long with our first as people would have become easily suspicious but with our 2nd true pregnancy we waited 12 weeks b/c we had a previous miscarriage and wanted to be sure :)

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We waited until 6 or 7 weeks with the first and we waited until the 8 week appt for our 2nd.

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I found out I was pregnant when I was 6 weeks (with home pregnancy test). I wanted to wait at least until I took the blood test to confirm before telling my mom and immediate family, but my husband told my mom the very same day of the home pregnancy test (he was too excited) and my mom told everyone!

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I was only about 7 weeks along when I shared the news. I wanted the support of my family behind me instead waiting until the 12 week safe(r) point.


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