How will a mom know if she is ready to have her tubes tied?

What are some factors moms should consider when deciding to have their tubes tied? If you've had your tubes tied, what would you share with other moms about the experience?

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I was 23 when i had my tubes done. Honestly, i am glad i did. I am 34 now and although i love my both my children as well as my nieces, i realize that the older i get the less patience i have for the whining and tantrums.
If you are trying to decide whether or not you want your tubes done then you have to ask yourself a couple questions and really think about it.
1) Why do you want to do this?
2) Do you have even the smallest thought about having another child in the future?
3) Are you doing this because you want to or because you significant other thinks its a good idea, saying that's its easier for you to do it then it is for him?

Ok, now during and after you answer these question consider your answers, do they point to doing this? If so then go for it.

Hope this helps. Have a great day!

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I myself wanted my tubes tied after my 3rd one was born. I had already had 3 C-Sections and a Gallbladder Operation while I was pregnant with my 3rd and didn't know it. Once I had my tubes tied I felt good about it however there is always that mom who walks by you "Pregnant" and you think, but rest assured you soon forget about it. Its' something that you really want to do though.
You cant' say I "thiink", there is no thinking, you cant' change it once its done. I think to like how many children can you handle. Do you want one or more? This is something you and your partner have to talk about. If its' you doing most of the parenting and your getting overwhelmed "its' time" for you to say enough. If your worried every month, Am I pregnant? This is a stressor almost saying
your at your limit. This is something thatt you and your partner have to talk through, not your friends, family etc. especially if they want more. They are the ones' that have to go through 9mos. of pregnancy, getting up at night, money issues' if there are any now, so much to think of. Again, what are your feelings? How does your partner feel? You both have to choose what is right for both of you. Age factor, returning back to work (if you have been working) sometimes' its a good idea to make a list, separetly and write down the pros' and cons' then go over each others' pages. This should give you some idea at least a good one as to what "you want". In the end its' really up to you!
Take care and I hope you make the right decision, it sounds like you already have beautiful child(ren) It sounds to me like you have already come to somewhat of a decision, now its the talking it over and where you and your family want to go in life as well as how old do you want to be when your child(ren) are ready to leave the nest and then it will be yours' and your partners' decision on what and where you want to go, do, I think you get the picture. Good Luck!! You will make the right choice, I promise you!!

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i had my tubes tied when i got pregnant with #4 & 5. yes twins. i was 25 yrs old. i knew i didn't want anymore and i dont regret it at all. 5 kids is enough for me. you need to consider if you want anymore later on when yours have grown. as for me it was the best thing for me and i wouldnt go back and change it. my boyfriend was mad that i did it because he wanted more. but all together we have 6 children and that is plenty for one person. just dont make the decision to do it cuz he wants you too or any other reason then you not wanting anymore. get on the shot and wait so you know its the right decision. and the dr wont do it if you have any doubts about getting it done. but i also started early i was barely 18 when i had my first one and 20 months later had my second. then my 3rd and my twins are only 14 months apart so i was way ready not to have anymore.

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I GOT MY TUBES TIED AT THE AGE OF23 & it was the biggest mistake of my life I thought its wat I wanted ay the time cause I had 3 kids but I wish now I would have waited. Now if I want to have a child with my partner it will cost 20k 4 invitro.I recommend birth control not tubial ligation.

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I was 21 same situation as you 3rd child. Worse decision I ever made.

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I would ask myself this, "Can you picture yourself rasing and taking care of another child". For me the answer is no so I am done, one and done has been my philosphy since the begining,my son is 10 years old. I only wanted one child. I am 32 and wanted my tubes burned at 26 my doctor said you are too young. 6 years later I feel the same way. I take the depo-prevara shot & it actually has a higher sucess rate over having your tubes tied. That is why is my birth control choice- THE MOST EFFECTIVE.

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I just turned 23 and due anyday with my third child and everyone is wanting me to get my tubes tide even my husband and im having thoughts aboit it cause I want one later down the rd like a long while but my husband dont he didnt want to have 3 but it happened I need help idk wat to do can anyone help


I had always known I did not want more than two dads for any kids I might have. I had six children before I was 26 and I should have done it then. I set an age limit for 'falling in love' with a wonderful man and maybe consider another two (35). That didn't happen. Fast forward 14 years and I accidentally got pregnant with #7. That sure as hell reinforced my decision to not have any more. On top of that, my own children have started on the next generation, and I didn't want them to have a baby sister younger than their babies.

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After my 5th child and my only girl. I was 34. I had my tubes tied for several reasons.
1) I had an overactive thyroid condition created by being pregnant and occurring after my 2nd pregnancy. This caused many health problems for me especially with my last 2 pregnancies and took several years to resolve. So my main reason was my health.
2) I had all the kids I wanted and could care for (with or without the father involved- relationships change over time) and I had no lingering desire for adding more children in the future.Tubal reversal is difficult so I accepted it as a permanent decision.
3) I wanted to have some time left to myself while I was still young enough to fully enjoy them after all my kids were grown. I had my 1st child at 20 and will be 52 when my daughter turns 18.
As for the tubal itself... it brought on menopausal symptoms earlier for me, messed with my hormones. And you'll need someone to drive you home from surgery and take care of you for a few days afterwards and baby. The gas that's used to inflated your uterus during surgery is painful when it's being absorbed by your body afterwards. So be prepared for some recovery time.

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I was 29 years old when I had my tubes tied, I had a 9 year old a 4 year old and had just given birth to my last child the day before and I don't regret it at all. If for some reason my marriage does not work out, I would never ever consider having a baby with anyone else, there is not that much love in the world that would make me go through a pregnancy again, not even if he paid me a million dollars. My babies are wonderful, but I absolutely hated being pregnant.

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I def don't want to be pregnant again (we have 2 boys) but even so I wouldn't consider being steralizied unless it was absolutely the last option (including having DH have a vasectomy).

Because I do not want another pregnancy I had a coil fitted, but unfortunately that didn't work for me (it came out) so I now have an implant.

Make ABSOLUTELY sure that you don't want any more children - consider the breakup of your relationship and possible new one, children growing up, everything before making the decision to go for it.

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Only do it if you are sure you don't want any more kids. I had mine done at 37 with 3rd child and 3rd caesar. Much easier to do while having caesar as they're already in there anyway, just a matter of placing clips on tubes- as long as all goes well, was warned if there were any complications they may opt to not do it ie: if I'd gone into early labour. Have had no problems with it. Was a big decision to make though, you do need to be sure that you definitely don't want to have any more kids as they don't recommend you do it if you think you might want more.

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I'm 27, mother of 3 and had my tubes tied with my last one. I did have all 3 of my children Csection and that played a large part in deciding to get my tubes tied. If you have multiple Csections (esp. 3 or more depending on health status) the risk increases for complications for you and baby. Of course 3 was also definitely enough for me.

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well it depends do you have any medical problems? and the most important thing is can you manage another child? but the very most important do you want another child? if you want another child and can handle it go ahead if not then proceed with the procedure hope this helped..


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