How soon do you pack your bag for the hospital?

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Well I started packing lil things into a bag now i am 30 weeks pregnant because with my 1st child i did it too last minute and forgot a lot of stuff... doing it little by little will help you not to forget things

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My daughters bag I packed at 37 weeks because I was so excited and couldn't wait. I had a scheduled C section for Yesterday 5/8/14. But, because she was only 5 pounds 10 ounces my OB decided to do the C section on Saturday 5/3/14. That morning I got my bag ready in like 5 minutes but her stuff was already packed so it wasn't that hard for me. Each Mom is different just do whatever makes you feel comfortable. =)

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I packed on the very early side. I had to go into the ER at 6 month because I was leaking fluid, so after that there was a small bag in both my and my husband's cars. I didn't want to be unprepared, so just a change of clothes for both me and baby. I packed the big official bag at 34 weeks, my son arrived at 38 weeks.
A few tips:
When you tour your birthing facility, make sure to see if there are any items that they provide. Leaving out stuff that will already be there will leave more space for the more necessary items.
Don't forget an extra shirt for Dad. Dad's often get overlooked when it comes to the packing of the bag. But make sure there is at least a t-shirt and underware for Dad, just in case.
If your facility doesn't provide private rooms, be sure to be conscious of the amount of space your "bag" requires. Sometimes the after labor rooms can be quite small, so don't show up with six pieces of luggage.
My only other tip, enjoy every moment of what is about to happen. It goes by quickly.

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I started packing mine a few days before I went the hospital, but I was induced. If not for that I would start packing as soon as you hit 30 weeks. That way you know what you wanna take with you and its ready at the last minute. I kept mine in the car just so I knew I wouldnt forget it.


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