How would you describe the feeling you got when you first heard your baby cry?

What emotions did you feel the first time you heard your baby cry? How would you describe what you were feeling?

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I'll assume you mean just after birth.
For Lu, I felt like 100% of my heart was just given to this baby.
For Marzio, I felt like 50% of my heart was just given to this baby.
For Arthur I felt like 33% of my heart was just given to this baby.
Nothing else, unless extreme pride and joy count.


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Relief. I had been in labor for 12 hours and pushing for 2-3 hours, and finally had to have a c-section, and once he was finally out I just felt so glad that it was over and he was safe.

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oh my goodness...I cried. I was madly in love with my little man since the day I found out I was pregnant. His cry just made it all real. I was in shock, like "this is my baby, my beautiful miracle". i can't really explain it...he was crying before he was completely out so I couldn't look at him yet but I was so relieved that he was okay, and sounded healthy. He was so loud! I will never forget that moment in my life. Pure happiness.

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Shock. He literally sounded like a dolphin. We joked about taking him to Sea World to see if he could talk to them. And relief because I knew he was ok. I am so in love with my boy and grow more so every day.

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Can't exactly put words to it. I think I all three babies I had a huge mixture of wonderful emotions' I wanted to laugh, cry; and if it wasn't for the exhausteion of the labour I could have gotten up and danced and did cartweels
Nothing beats the feeling - of course as each one grows older and reaches certain milestones the thrilled feeling return. but nothing compare to the first cry

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How did I feel? *smiling fondly* The easiest way to explain that feeling is to wrap every emotion you have ever had into a small gift box and watch it explode!!! There really isn't words to describe that moment. I have tried to put into words how it feels. I don't know if it is because I just got through delivering and I was loopy and exhausted, or if it was just so beautiful that there just simply isn't a word for it. I take that back. Yes there is a perfect word: Love. Pure, unadulterated Love.
It is the realization that you successfully delivered a human being. No, not just ANY human being...YOUR CHILD!! It is the happiness of knowing everything is good and your baby is healthy. It is that strange feeling that the wriggly thing that you held inside of you is now seeing the World for the very first time. It is the fear of "OMG...this is really for real!"
Some say the first cry of a baby is the only moment in your life when you get a glimps into Heaven, if only for a fraction of a second. It will take your breath away. You might laugh, cry, a mix of the two, or simply smile and sigh contently. Relish that moment. The next moment you will feel that way will be the moment when your baby laughs. Funny how the two opposite emotions, from your child, will elicite such powerful emotions in you.


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