Should I put on sun protection for 4 month old?

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Yes! Babies skin are VERY sensitive and you want them not to sunburn!

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Sunscreen is poison to our youth!! Its pure Chemicals that cause Cancer, unless its natural sunscreen and for sure keep the baby out of direct Sun whenever possible.

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Absolutely! Sun screen is a must or your baby will cry endlessly from the pain and discomfort of a sunburn.

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I am assuming you plan on taking your LO out where shade is limited or not an option? Technically, babies should none kept out of direct sunlight until 6 mos or longer. Parents are advised not to sunscreen until that age since sunscreen chemicals haven't been tested on infants. When I take my daughter (3.5 mos) hiking I apply a natural zinc based sunscreen on her (I try it on mself first, then a patch test on her). Zinc is a physical property, vs the chemical (possibly harmful) properties of regular sunscreens. We look a bit white, but sun safe!


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