Should you separate your twins at daycare?

Twins do more activities together than most other sets of brothers and sisters. Is it best to keep twins in daycare together, or would you try and give them some time apart while they are young?

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I am a twin. My mother tried to split us up at a young age. It was disaster!! We were lost without one another. I have been with my sister since conception. Having your twin with you is a natural part of you. They will let you know when it is time to be individuals. We did. I am a teacher and have taught many sets of twins. I see the same thing in them that I saw in my twin and I. It is hard for someone that is not a twin to understand the twin relationship and how they need one another. Even as adults we can't go without talking to each other daily. She is the only family member that I have to have daily communication with. So, I say let the twins tell you what they want. If they are ready to be apart they will tell you. If they want to stay together, by all means, keep them together. If you don't, they will find a way to be together. My sister and I found a way to be together when my mom tried to give us time apart in first grade.

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My twin boys started play-school last year together and it's worked out wonderful. The teachers there have to told they play individually at different things then they sit together for their snack time. I'm happy with this however if it had turned out differently I would have made other arrangements. My suggestion is try them together and take it from there.

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I have two year old twins and our daycare told us the same thing. The teachers tell us they play individually (and with different kids) but when it comes to lunch and nap time they want to be together.

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i seperated my girls in kindergarten, but teachers knew them and kept them in classrooms right next door or right across the hall so they always knew their sister was close. And now in 8th grade, they are still best friends but have their seperate lives also.

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Having them together to begin with could give them both added support and less stress for a new situation, so I am in favour for starting them that way. Mine have only just settled in occasional care together. I was considering trying them on the odd extra day alone once I don't need to leave the pram behind for them to nap in. For practical reasons I just can't drop only one!

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absolutely not! twins have a special bond and no separation will hinder this

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When my twins started daycare I gave them 1 session one their own and now they are at school I have them in separt classes. It's up to you though, see if they like it if not put them in together. Good luck

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My girls are not identical and have completely different personalities, they have spent the first 4 years together. Their pre-k program at the daycare has started 2 classes this year and I jumped at the chance to seperate them, so far week two and we have seen a big difference. They are also starting dance lessons which will be on seperate as well. Just think about it, how well and happy would you be if there was someone with whom you were never seperated from 24 hours a day, 7days a week 365 a year....we all need personal space even as a child. I highly recommend giving seperation a try.

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I would try to give them some time apart to let them grow as individuals. The may have different interests and like different activities. Also if one twin is more dominant than the other it could cause the more dominant to become the leader and the other to become a follower and possibly shy and introverted.

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Agree 100 percent!!!

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