Are teething tablets safe for babies?

Teething tablets have received a lot of negative press lately, with Hyland's Teething Tablets receiving an FDA warning for belladonna poisoning and other brands receiving similar negative reactions to their ingredients. Are they safe?

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We use Humphreys teething pellets (and occasionally Tylenol for fever). Belladonna poisoning? Well thats a loud of crap in my opinion as not only a mom BUT someone very WELL trained in natural remedies. Some kids DO sport allergies to it... and too much of anything is bad so I suppose it could have started when a mom gave her kid the whole bottle... BUT I have seen this too many times. They will support medicines that destroy your body but say "bad for you" when something like this that pays no royalties to them, and in a lot of cases works better, when a few kids sport an allergy. better than liver failure (which Tylenol can do if you give them too much). Nope. I don't trust the FDA as far as I can spit in the wind. I KNOW what the things they support do to you body, in both short and long runs. Not pretty. never had any "poisoning" here. Just an allergy... that my kids are lucky enough not to have.

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I used Humphreys as well and they were a GODSEND! three ingredients :chamomile caffeine and sugar... unfortunately you have to usually ask a pharmacist for them because they took them off the counter. I actually asked one why and was told because they sell better than the other medicines! Go figure!

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I used them on my Son and they were a life saver!!! I am not sure what this belladonna poisoning is but my son did not get it, and now I have a teething 10 month old and wish I could find hem again!!

Do not get me wrong I am sure these tablets as with any medicaion could be dangerous if not given correctly, but I personally had no problem while using them.

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They were mine too! I have not been able to find anything that works as well have you? I have a teething baby too

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I think the more natural the product, the better.

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I've used an amber teething necklace with my youngest daughter and I think they do wonders! they have saved me lots of money as Camilia is not cheap. When looking at the different options it was important to me that I choose the safest, most natural products. A European friend suggested it to me because my daughter was having alot of teething distress. Apparently in Europe they are such a common remedy that they are sold in drug stores. I bought mine from a Latvian online store called Latvian Amber Store:

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My 5 month old has been teething and Ive used teething tablets. Shes never had a reaction and she actually has a decent sleep afterwards. I would recommend them to anyone!

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We used something similiar to Hyland's - Brauer Teething Relief. My son slept better that night, but then broke out in a rash. I took my son to the doctors the next day. The doctors looked at the bottle and asked me this question after looking at the ingredients: 'I don't know what half these ingredients are... Do you?", to that I replied "No, but its meant to be natural medicine!", to that he said "I wouldn't give anything I don't know to my baby, so even if its masked as natural, unless you know exactly what each of these ingredients is, I would rather stick with something that is trialled and tested for many, many years like Panadol for Children."

I thought what he said was really sensible and since then, we went back to Panadol, and never had any more unsightly rashes!!

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Here's some information about belladonna.

I give my daughter tylenol as needed in the amount her pediatrician said to give, and I also give her things to chew on, like her giraffe Sophie.

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hylands were what my daughter's cardiologist advised us to use, they were awesome. I think that they are a medication, natural or not they still run the risk of being used wrong and therefore causing an "od" effect

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I've heard a lot of great things about them, but when my son started teething at 4 months, they were no where to be found! Walmart said they had stopped carrying them.

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Never used so called all natural teething tablets.dr told me not to d/t ingredients unsafe I found Tylenol for pain n a good old teething ring.Never put unknown ingredients in your child's body especially I heard caffeine and arsenic is found in this stuff.

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Good question and even better responses. I can say for certain if teething tablets are safe for babies but I can and will def. recommend Sleeping Baby Trendy Teether's. Such a loving, home-centered, baby-loving, brand! I LOVEEE their Trendy Teethers. I am able to wear around the house, out in public with my baby girl and she can chew away while I'm holding her. I loveeee the Trendy Teethers, everyone should def. check it out! :)

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I am a new mom of a 5 month old teething baby boy. Everyone keeps telling me to use teething tablets. Not sure if it is the mentioned one. I jus want something to take the pain away. Is there other kinds of "tablets" you can get that are "natural?"

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Does anyone know where I can find humphreys teething pellets? I used them on my boys when they were teething and I swear by that stuff. I used to get it at Walgreens and I didn't see any when I went to get some.

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When my daughter was teething, we used Humphrey's teething tablets. I took the bottle with me to an appointment with her pediatrician, and he said that there was no better way (in his opinion) to take care of a teething child, as long as you use them as directed. Yes, there's negative press. It happens with just about every natural remedy that I've seen, but if you feel better using that than using anything else, go for it.

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I have never tried them i have only used tyle n the stuff u rub of gums for my boys one is about to be 10 in aug and his little bro is going to be 7 month the end of this month.

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I agree with one poster, natural or organic is by far the best.
You also get an Amber Teething Necklace to wear, whereby nothing is absorbed through the mouth.

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I usedthem too and had no problems :) they are homeopathic teething tablets and they worked on my now 2.5 yr old, and is working great on my now 5.5 month old :) i wold just read up on the brand you buy as you would with anything new you give to your children :)

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I never used teething tablets or powder on my girls and they never had any problem teething. Just watch ur baby when he or is teething for fever and give a pain medicine, also something to bite on like teeter. Otherwise, some kids don't have problems teething.

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My pediatrician researched the contents ... one of the ingredients is arsenic. All natural ... perhaps. Safe ... not so sure?


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