Tips For Breastfeeding a Teething Baby?

You still need to nourish your child, but his little chompers are coming in! What are some tips you can share for moms whose teething children are still breastfeeding?

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My son is 17 months and still nurses before going down for his nap or to bed. He doesn't bite me anymore but when he first started teething really bad he started biting me when he was nursing. I just simply gave him the stern voice and let him know not to bite and if he bites nursing time will be over. If he did it again after that I would end our nursing time right then and there and remind him that he can not bite and that it hurts me. He would get upset at first but after a few times of that he stopped. Now when he nurses and I can feel him starting to bite down a bit I just remind him that it hurts and don't bite! We haven't had a problem with biting since.

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I have nursed two kids now. My 1st till she was 13 months and now my 2nd is almost 5 months. I would say what works for me is putting my finger on their cheek and pushing in. This would cause them to let go and I would explain that it hurt me. I believe they know a lot more than we give them credit and we just need to let me them know how we feel.

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Patience and high pain tolerance! It is extremely tough to nurse through a session of constant nipple nipping but in time your little one will learn that biting = no food. I used to press my sons head into my breast for just a second until he let go of the clench he had on me and then I would wait a full minute to nurse again. Within a few days he knew that he wouldn't get milk when he wanted it unless he didn't bite.

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my sons two and he sometimes bites when he smiles at me or he forgets hes nursing and turns his head to look at something. i tell him ouchy and boo boo he looks at me with a sad face and kisses me and then i leave it alone and hes fine. I also always try to talk to him even when he was little no bite of milky all done if he bite id stop nursing say bobo no bite and stop him he would get upset. But did understand if he bite me he would stop nursing. Id only stop for about a min then tell him u need to be nice to mommys milkys.

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My daughter only did it occasionally and usually out of spite or for fun. I found I got more result out of ignoring than punishing. It happened very seldomly!

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Gently smack their cheek when they do it. They'll Learn not to because it shocks them. If u do it consistently they get the idea. Im not saying beat your kid. Mine took a couple wops on the cheek and he was done. I nursed for a year and a half. As he got older he was more curious on what biting me would do, so I did it again til he stopped. He liked nursing enough to understand that if he didn't quit it he was going to have to quit nursing. He didn't take log to catch on. Nursing is a wonderful bonding experience an although it had its pains, I wouldn't have given up a minute of it

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Even if they are still little and dont understand much introduce them to the subject of booboos. Make a point to explain to them when they get grumpy from them teeth that teeth can hurt mommy too. I did it with my daughter and reminded her everytime i felt a little grind that she was almost hurting mommy and eventually around a year old all i had to say was "gentle baby gentle" and my daughter never hurt me. She only bit me 2 times. In her sleep and when she was basically playing while nursing and when she seen me cry she was very serious and even kissed it. Good luck to all of you out daughter is 2 years old (mouth full of teeth) and still nursing..


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