At what age do you start brushing a baby's teeth?

When is a baby ready to start having their teeth brushed? What are some tips for getting started?

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as soon as you see the tooth erupt from the gum...

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as soon as they are born u can buy a gum brush that fits on your finger it massages the gums and brushes away the build up or milk and sugars

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As soon as the first tooth shows through the gums, you can begin, firstly by gently rubbing your finger on the gums and tooth, there is no need for toothpaste in the early stages. Then as bubs gets used to this, introduce a small baby's toothbrush, ideally the softer the better, and again without toothpaste. Make it a routine, after each 'meal', just for a few seconds, by the time all the teeth have come through bubs should be now used to brushing after eating. Then if you like, you can begin with a small amount of mild toothpaste (but I used baking powder in preference)...

If your child has already seen you and their daddy brushing your teeth as a regular occurence it becomes easier, make it a 'family affair' if you like, children love imitating grown ups.

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You should wash their gums even when they dont have teeth occasionally. So technically, around 3 months whether they have teeth or not. But when there's no teeth, u just wanna use like a cotton ball dipped in water. I use a q tip and just run it lightly over the gums

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I started "brushing" my children's gums and teeth after they where born. They make gum brushes that you put on your finger and use on their gums. This will help keep their mouths and gums healthy even before they actually have teeth. I used this until they were able to go to using tiny soft bristled toothbrushes. They also make toothpaste that is safe to swallow.

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as soon as the first tooth comes out

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when the first tooth comes.

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As soon as a tooth erupts allow the baby to suck and chew on a baby tooth brush it'll help prepare them and their gums for when they really get down and start the actual brushing. My one granddaughter was not encouraged like her dad, mom and dad are not as strict as we were when it came to dental care. My side of the family has terrible teeth so having proper dental hygenie is so important, plus we have highly sensitive teeth. Every little bit helps. You can also give them the training toothpaste when they're about 1 to 1 1/2 yrs old, at least that's when we really got going and the constant repitition helps to make it a good habit that is not easily broken.

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once they have, they had to start

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a baby should be started to brush thier teeth once they started eating a solid food.

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I started my youngest as an infant, I was gifted a finger toothbrush and infant toothpaste made by NUK. It is soft and nubby to massage baby's gums. I never really used the tooth paste until she was used to the brush and my finger rubbing her gums. But I think I waited to the recommended age of 3+ months. I did read not to give flouride to babies until they are old enough to know how to spit it out on their own. I never try to take chances. Now my daughter is 3 yrs old and she loves brushing her teeth. There was a time when I had to lock the bathroom door just to keep her from spending all day brushing. LOL! She knows to brush in the morning, after a meal and before bedtime. :-)

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Start at about three months with either a wet gentle washcloth, or a finger brush for babies with no teeth. When the teeth erupt, moms can use a non-flouride toothpaste that's safe to swallow along with the finger brush or a soft small toothbrush. All children should see a pediatric dentist at age 1, not just for brushing but also for any type of disorders in the mouth such as impacted teeth or a tight frenulum. This is also the best time to start flossing. Dentists recommend starting the habit early so that kids stick with it for life. Healthy teeth start with good early intervention.

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I started brushing my babies teeth once his second tooth game out.He is eating everything so i dont want him to have teethproblem later in live so that is why we brush after every meal and he really enjoys it because i sing him a song while i brush his teeth that way he smiles and it makes it easy for me to brush his teeth

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i start wash her gum when my baby is newborn. then after she start solid food, i bought the finger brush from drugstore to brush my baby teeth. when she knows to stand and walk around 12months old. i let her choose her favourite toothbrush any toothpaste. I will brushing teeth infront of her, showing her and she love to act what i m doing. step by step i brush her teeth everyday. before 16months she already know to brush her teeth by herself. praise her each time and kiss her. sometime, she lazy to brush, i will sing the song. you are dirty cat, mummy don't want to kiss you. and no brushing teeth then cannot eat vitamin c and snack. then sure, she will brush teeth. and say teeth is clean now. where is my vitamin c

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You can use the gum massager long before they get their first tooth. I started with all my kids around 3 months. When they get teeth, you switch to a normal tooth brush. You can use water or tooth and gum cleanser (safe to swallow because it doesn't contain flouride) until they're 2, then use a flouride tooth paste (pea size amount).

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you need to brush everyday from the day they are born they sell a finger brush for newborns. this way there first teeth will not be damaged by plaque

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My daughters first tooth appeared around 8 months. I gave her, her toothbrush to "play" with and slowly introduced the milk toothpaste. She now "brushes" the three little teeth she has! I learnt from my sister not to leave it for too long after the teeth appear as they do become quite fussy as they get older.


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