What age should your children be to allow them to get second piercings in their ears?

Many parents pierce their children's ears at infancy or in elementary school, but how old should your children be to allow them to get additional earrings?

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My 13 yr old. Has been asking for about a year now to get a cartilage piercing. Now I don't have a problem with with taking her to get it done but, at her check up a couple weeks ago I had to sit on her lap and hold her down so they could give her a shot... the new rule is no new piercings until you can handle getting your shots with dignity. LOL !)

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I think you know your child best. The decision should be based on maturity and how well they are doing in school. Is she wanting her 2nd piercing because everyone else is? Or does she truly want it for herself?

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I have 3 girls, 20 17 and 13. I got their 1st holes pierced when they were 3 months old and their 2nd holes done when they 1. They also got their cartilage pierced when they were 5 and they all have their piercings to this day, my 2 older girls have 3rd holes and both cartilages pierced. My youngest only has her 2nd holes...she has no desire for her 3rd holes...I know every parent is different when it comes to their child(ren) and my girls have through the years let their piercings close up and get them redone at a different age...of course since I am a cosmetologist and I offer the service it was a lot easier for me and my husband to make that decision...

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I agree...My daughter got her first piercing when she was a couple of days old and her 2nd piercing when she turned 2...

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I had to be 7 years old before getting ears pierced. It is more about the responsibility and maturity that goes along with it. Good hygiene and maintaining earrings in good condition without losing or breaking them.
My second set of piercings came in High School. Third in College, and navel when I was around 28. I would allow my child a second set of piercings around middle school age under the condition that they pay for it themselves. This would determine how much they really want it, and how important getting these piercings really is to them.

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my daughter got hers when she was 10 and now shes begging me for her thirds.

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Just got my 12year old her 2nd holes.


Why do teenagers pierce there ears

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I'm 12 (almost 13) and I have 3 piercings on each ear. I got my first at age 2 and my second at age 5. I got my 3rd for my 12th birthday and I've been asking for a cartilage for my 13th. (sorry I'm not a mom but I wanted to answer)

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I was 11 when I had my ears pierced it was just before I started secondary school. I nagged my mum to get my ears peirced a second time and she wasnt having any of it. So I did it myself with a needle and ice. I think if my Mum had agreed a time of say 2 years to show I cared for the first set then this would have prevented my stupidity.

It was stupid because the needle was too close to the first hole. I had to wait for it to close up and then I was allowed to get them re done by a professional. It was so important to me at the time I had my ears pieced 3 times in total but by the time I was 23 I never worm more than one set.

As my kids get older I think I will allow ear piercing at 11 and second ear peicing at 13. Magnetic earings until 11. Anyother piercings will definately have to wait until 18. But I will try to presuade against piercings but it could be worse if could be a tatoo of some boyfriends name ;-)

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I let my sixteen year old get her nose pierced...she had wanted it for a while,but I made her wait until she was older.

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My youngest of 3 girls was 14 before she finally convinced me to permit the second piercings. I still consider it to be an outdated fad but it was important to her self-esteem so I allowed it.

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My 11.5 year old hasn't asked (yet), but I got my 2nd hole when I was 12 and my cartilage when I was 14.

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I got my second ones done when I was 14 the summer before I started high school. My 5 year old just got her first ones done a couple of weeks ago. We'll probably wait until she's at least 12 or 13 before we're willing to consider other piercings.

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