What is the best type of fish to get as a pet?

Pets can teach children values and responsibility. A fish is a low maintenance pet that children and adults can enjoy. What is the best fish to have as a pet?

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From the day they were born, my sons always had a Corgi pup in their lives. Having a dog to help raise and teach the boys about kindness and responsibility was a blessing. Sadly, while the kids were visiting their dad in Florida, our dog passed away. On the way home from the airport I had to tell them what happened. The drive from Logan Airport to the North Shore took 45 minutes and as we headed home I asked a simple question. "What are your very best memories of Lannie?" It was a risk, I know, because this was a huge loss for them. For the next 30 minutes they shared and laughed. They also decided it was too soon to get another dog. But not too soon to get some gold fish!! We stopped at the mall in Peabody and they each picked out a gold fish (we already had the tank, etc. at home). So Fatso and Tiny came to live with us and lasted long beyond the life expectancy of 99 cent gold fish. IMHO I wouldn't exactly describe fish as pets, but they can teach your children lots about responsibility and the value of life.

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Glad to answer. I have bred many kinds of fish. However this question can have many answers.
First off, they take maintenance. Every kind. You have to remember that fish have waste. And a fish in its own waste can de deadly. Some are more sensitive to ammonia than others. The smaller the fish, the less waste. Also not over feeding helps too. Food will also cause water problems.
Another thing you have to remember is that chlorine from the tap is not great for the fish so I suggest filling an empty milk jug and leaving it open somewhere for at least a few days before using. Refill and set aside for your next cleaning.
Also you will want to read up on cycling your tank before adding fish..VERY important.
Goldfish I would not recommend unless you enjoy cleaning as they are filthy fish.
Many replies were right about getting a Beta as they are pretty low maintenance. Just don't put two together unless you know what you are doing. And adding plants or moss always helps fight off algae and add oxygen. Never place a tank in sunlight!
And hey if you think your beta is being silly by blowing bubbles at the surface of the water, think again! That's part of their breeding cycle.
All I can say is that with any pet you need to do your homework. It's such a fun way for a family to learn a lot!

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Usually people say goldfish but they die way easier I say a beta fish it doesn't need a lot just feeding and it bowl clean every 2weeks

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Gold fish

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Guppies, Mollies, or Swordtails are all pretty hardy fish. You can keep 1or 2 in a fishbowl without any problems. If you want more an aquarium is the better idea.

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Absolutely a beta. Very easy to care for. We had a goldfish and it only lived 2 days. We have had our beta 2 years!! Just a few pellets a day for food and we change his water once a week by setting out some tap water for 24 hrs before using it. It could not be easier. They are super beautiful, too!

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tetras and guppies along with a single betta fish.

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gold fish

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Plecostomus, they are cool looking and keep the tank clean

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The betta is awesome. Very low maintanence and they live forever.

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Goldfish make good pets for somewhat older children, but there needs to be some supervision. They really do die if they are overfed--my older boys had that happen when their younger twin brothers got the food and put too much in.

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A fish is a living creature not to be treated as a throw away pet. I first want to say that I believe any pet in a home with children is first and foremost the responsibility of the adults in the home. It is up to the adults to guide the research and care of the pet and to make certain the pet is always cared for properly. Teaching your children that pets dying prematurely can simply be replaced is not what I would call responsible or a value.
Do you know the life expectancy of a goldfish is 15-20 years and that a properly cared for goldfish could potentially live up to 50 years? That being said, a goldfish is a good choice as it is a freshwater fish requiring far less than the fancier tropical fish. No, a bowl is not sufficient unless you are able to attach a filtration system. There is much research one should do before deciding to care for another life.

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I would get a beta or goldfish they are both pretty, easy to care for, and neither need the pumps or filters. If u do get a beta remember to only get one because they are fighter fish and will kill another if put together.

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I would not get a gold fish, they have to be cleaned often. A beta fish is good but I suggest not to put it in a fish bowl. Buy a beautiful glass, tall vase (wide bottom) and put a peace lily in it. Of course remove all the dirt, add some colorful rocks and if you can find a fish to match the rocks. Reason for peace lily, it keeps the bowl clean! I saw this in a friends business and I tried it myself and it is beautiful! Good luck with your choice!


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