What can you do when your child's school administrators are racist/prejudiced?

What would you do if you suspected your the administrators at your child's school were racist?

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It's really hard when that happens. I had a friend this year whose 3 kids were bullied out of the system by school administrators allowing other kids to accuse kids of racism and then not taking the time to check out whether the allegations were true. The penalty was a suspension for a week, and after three suspensions, you're expelled. And you have no chance at all of fighting it.

So the first two kids had this happen by the same group of kids who used the racism charge to get back at kids they didn't like or were jealous of. Other moms have told me that the teachers are actually telling the kids to do this!

On the same day last school year, the oldest child was accused of bringing a large knife to school (it was a spoon from a camping kit; he's autistic); the second one, who was first chair violin and on the state championship robotics team and a straight-A student, was told "because of your brothers' records, we're only giving you two strikes; you will report to reform school in the morning because you were just accused again"; and the youngest came home shaking to report that the kids who had accused him of racism 4 times so that he was already in the reform school had just showed up as students themselves in the reform school and told him that he wouldn't live out the semester.

So my friend packed them all up and they moved the very next day. She'd already gone around many times with the administration, and the administration had just said "them's the rules!" like the rules had taken on a life of their own with no one responsible for making them or adjudicating them.

This explains why there are so many homeschoolers in our school district. I'm one of them. I hear from so many parents who have similar stories, for whom the Koolaid has worn off.

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Goodmorning. I am new to the PITTSBURGH AREA FROM ATLANTA OUR CHILDREN HAVE BEEN bullied and hit. We went to JUDGE ROBERT RAVENSTAHL AND NEVER RECEIVED A VERDICT IN OUR FAVOR. OUR CHILDREN DID NOT WANT TO BE EXPELLED SO THEY did n9t fight back. Now they attend PA CYBER AND EACH DAY WE SHOW UP TO THE SCHOOLwe get matched with different challenges of their attendance their schedules have been changed eeach week. We've told them that because our children have failed the last school year because of defective computers the children would now aattend school each day at the Wexford officewhile being at the Wexford office it was noted that the computers are still malfunctioning the children cannot use the computers at home because they will not submit their work while at p a cyber schoolthe children still have technical issues we have never received brand new computer they've all been refurbished which is causing a very difficult circumstance for 7 students all students fail last school year they had never failed in school before we've also had a field trip to be cancelled whenever we signed up we need the utmost attention in this situation we have not been able to resolve are challenges we are constantly being sold that the parents and children are wrong and the school is right please comment with information to assist us with getting our children the best education possible without being brutalized or being harassed at school by teachers or students who really don't appreciate our skin color

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I had to deal with this in the 1960's. Best thing to do is either wait to sue, or get out. More than likely, other parents have experienced this. I've seen awful examples of black vs. latino. latino vs. black. guatemalen vs japanese. It's the adults that cause this. Watch what you say around your kids.

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I would go over their heads to the school board, write to the local papers and have them tried in the court of public opinion. I might even consider pulling my kids out and homeschooling them.

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I know this was posted a while ago but just wondering what would happen if you tried them in the court of public opinion? I had a recent situation occur that may need some legal action but I am not sure how to go about it all. This situation has occurred with two of my sons for the past 8 years in the same school.

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It wasn't racism, but is *was* prejudice, that chased my son out of school and into home-schooling once again.

We had home-schooled for part of his primary education, then had a year and a half at a local Christian school. I made sure the school knew we were not Christian (the forms all stated this, anyway), and they accepted that no problem. However, when my son came home with tales of some kids saying mean things to him about not being Christian, my ears and my "mummy-bear" instinct pricked up. He tried to ignore the jibes, and luckily made a group of friends (all of whom were devoted Christians), with whom he felt safe. Great kids, lovely families. However a couple of kids insisted on going out of their way to continually tease him about not being welcome at the school...about how he should leave....about how he would burn in Hell....about....well, use your imagination.

The school did nothing, including when one of these boys told my son, after a year of the verbal bullying, "I'm going to break your arms and pull out all your fingers". The Principal wasn't going to tell me about this incident - my son ran to her office in fear - but an office staff member who is a friend told me. So I had to investigate, only to be told by the Principal, "I can understand why someone would want to hurt your son....he's not Christian, after all."

His class teachers would pick on him for humiliation and punish him for nothing. Literally....nothing, as I found out. One of those teachers has now left the school, interestingly.

We are now home-schooling. I have found that if the school administrators are prejudiced in some way, and you want to take action, inform the local board of education. But be prepared to take your child out of the school, because the majority of these leopards will refuse to change their spots.


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