What is a cheap, easy, DIY Halloween costume for kids? Please briefly describe how to make it and feel free to include a link to a picture.

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Be a SMURF. Blue shirt and white shorts (you already purchased for Natl Day). White tennis shoes. Blue paint for your face hands and legs. Give your self a blue cotton ball tail and get a white smurfie looking hat ~~ VOILA!

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Last year my daughter (10 years old) and three of her friends all wanted to go trick or treating together. As Mom's of these girls we thought it would be cute for them to match. We made them bright and colorful witch's costumes adorned with fake eyelashes and lots of sparkle.

Each girl picked her color. We didn't use the traditional Halloween colors and I think that is what made it even cuter. We had purple, bright green, a bright blue and orange.

For instance my daughter was purple. She had purple high tops so we knew that would work out great. I bought a simple black hat and added purple feathers, ribbon and bows with lots of tulle. It was darling. I got her a purple shirt from Target ($5) and added a cute pair of witches shoes on the front. We made skirts out of tulle. We simply got elastic banding and tied tulle at different lengths in all the girls bright colors. A pair of black hose and hightops with brooms again tied up with ribbon and tulle.


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Last year I turned my little girl into a "butterfly" using a few super simple items:
- A brightly colored tutu
- Inexpensive fairy wings (The straps were too long for my little girl, so I attached a stretchy headband with a safety pin and used that instead - worked like a charm!)
- Color coordinated tights or leggings and a solid t-shirt (it was a little cool, so we added the hoodie, but it worked just as well!)
- Hair up in little pigtails as antennae

Add a wand and you could call her a fairy princess!

Another bonus about this costume is that the components will last for future uses. The plain clothes are obvious, but the tutu was big enough and stretchy enough that she's still wearing it to dress up!


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Last year, my daughter wanted to be a chef. It was the cheapest, easiest costume I've ever made, and would work great for a girl or a boy of any age. We used:
All from home:
- black pants
- a white turtleneck
- red material square to make a neck scarf
- crocs/comfy shoes
- a plain white apron
- measuring spoons, cups, etc. with a loop/hole in the handle so they can be tied to the apron string
I only had to buy:
- a chef's hat (I got mine from a restaurant supply store for $7)

The apron and hat were adult size, but even I (with my really limited sewing skills) had no trouble pinning them up. We used a reusable grocery bag as her can candy sac. A cute touch for a boy would be to add a mustache.

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I'm in the process of making my kids halloween costumes. They requested to be 'raccoons' this year- which isn't exactly a costume that can easily be purchased. For our home-crafted raccoon costumes, we bought two ($5) long-sleeve grey t-shirts from old navy and a pair of knee-high grey socks from Target for their tails. They are wearing grey-striped pajama pants they already own. I'm using freezer paper transfers to paint the raccoon's belly on the t-shirts, and some masking tape on the socks to make their tails. I bought two plastic bins from the paint section at lowe's to make them 'raccoon trash cans' for their treats, and will use black face-paint to make their raccoon eyes. This is a work in progress which I will share on my website shortly!


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A little boy in my daughter's class last year had the simplest but funny costume! He wore a brown, curly haired wig and his mom had ironed letters to a t-shirt that read "So Easy A Caveman Can Do It" - a take off from the TV commercial!


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One of my current kid costume obsessions is: GNOMES! How adorable! And, the best part, this costume can be made fairly simply (and inexpensively) on your own!

For the Boys:
* bright blue shirt + blue or brown pants
* over-sized belt or suspenders
* bright red hat + beard (my site includes a link to a great tutorial on how to transform a large red shirt into a hat and how to make a nice felt beard. Also, consider attaching the beard to the inside of the hat so it doesn't fall off)
* rain boots or clogs
* fun prop idea: perhaps add a kid-sized gardening tool

For the Girls:
* red skirt & a fun "garden-pattern" shirt
* bright red hat (see tutorial)
* red suspenders (use remnants from hat material)
* rain boots or clogs (add fun stockings)
* fun prop idea: perhaps add a giant fake flower


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Last year, my girls went as super heros: Batgirl and Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman's costume was made from red and white felt and Velcro. I found blue boxer shorts in the boys section of Target and adorned them with white felt stars. Gold paper was reinforced with clear mailing tape and used for the cut out stars on the top, crown and belt. Simple gold rope was looped and secured with more Velcro on the inside of the shorts.

Batgirl's costume was even simpler. A black turtleneck leotard and black leggings were transformed into Superhero status with bright yellow and black felt. The "boots," which are worn over my daughter's regular shoes, were the most time consuming part of the whole costume.


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Jane Fonda or aerobics instructor of the 80's.
It's easy and cheap. All you need are tights, a leotard, sneakers, leg warmers, head-band, wrist-bands and a very thin belt. If you are making the costume for a baby you can use a onesie instead of the leotard.
What's important is to get the colors right: they must all be very 80's (fucsias, fluorescent green, etc). If things can be striped... all the better.


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THING 1 AND 2 (AND 3 AND 4...)-

1. So easy, just use your kiddos' red clothes or hit-up the thrift store if your youngster hasn't been sporting red pants lately.
2. I love to add a red or blue tutu for girls. http://www.halloweencostumes.com/child-red-tutu.html
3. Print Thing 1 (2, 3, 4..) on a piece of paper and tape it to the front.
4. Then all you need is a fluffy blue wig http://www.halloweencostumes.com/blue-afro-clown-wig.html


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Last year my who was 7 wanted to be a bat. I found a cape with the hood/mask all connected from oriental trading company for about five dollars and we had some black sweats. It was so easy and one of the cheapest costumes we've ever done.

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I'm feeling nostalgic for the good old days when the kid's costumes were more about creativity... and what what we could find in the attic... rather than buying expensive costumes.

Here's a few "scavenger" costume ideas:

What boy wouldn't like to be Indiana Jones? Here's what you'll need:
* White or cream button down shirt
* Khaki pants
* Boots
* A brown leather belt
* A fedora- that might just be the most important element
* A whip- There is an awesome tutorial here: http://pinandpaper.blogspot.com/2009/05/whip-it-whip-it-good-playtime-indiana.html
* A satchel
* A revolver- optional, but NOT for school

For the girls I'm in love the iconic Rosie the Riveter. To create this inspirational WWII hero you’ll need:

* A blue (or white) button down shirt
* A square of red polka dot fabric for a head scarf
* Jeans- preferably sailor style
* Bobby pins for a pin curl
* For shoes- there are lots of options including Oxfords, Penny loafers or Mary Janes… whatever you have available.
* Optional might be a tool belt and a few tools or even a WWII airplane to hold
* Also optional, but fun- a sign saying “We can do it!”

Those are just a few ideas of costumes that might just be lurking in your closets right this moment! Happy Haunting Everyone!


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I found these really creative costumes, easy to recreate at home at really low cost.


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I love the little, handmade owl costumes that are circulating the web right now. They look so easy to make and turn out adorable. Here's a link to a tutorial I recently came across. The wings are the main part of this one. Some tutorials have the body done in a similar way. CUTE!


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Last Halloween, my little boy was all about Thomas the Tank Engine (age 2.5). I didn't really care for the commercial Thomas costumes you can buy in the store, so I set out to make one. It was so simple and cheap to make.

Here's what you need:
-blue sweatsuit
-gray material (I chose a soft jersey material)
-black felt
-iron-on transfer paper
-needle & thread

Here's what I did:
-found a photo of Thomas' face and enlarged it to 8.5x11 size. I printed it onto an iron-on transfer.
-cut out the face closely to the edge
-ironed on Thomas' face onto gray material (cut out in a large circle)
-cut out two small circles from the black felt
-attached Thomas' face (gray circle with face) onto the sweatshirt by hand stitching all around the circle
-attached the felt circles (buffers) to the knees of the sweatpants by hand stitching

I added a train conductor hat and voila...I was done & he looked adorable on Halloween!


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I adore all of the Martha Stewart DIY Halloween costumes but my all time favorite is the Space Invader Costume. Natalie - Southern Belle's Charm

Space Invader
This space invader is ready to explore galaxies, thanks to his high-tech night-vision goggles, egg-carton space suit, and foam-cup helmet. His weapon -- a cookie press with a plastic-cup-and- cone insert -- protects him from alien encounters.

Tools and Materials
55 Styrofoam cups
6 egg cartons
1 roll duct tape
1 cookie press
1 pack plastic cups

Spacesuit How-To
You'll need six bottom and two top halves of cardboard egg cartons (with "windows" on the top).

1. With a utility knife, cut 5 diamond centers from each bottom piece, and reserve for buttons. Cut 1 bottom piece in half crosswise (for two 2-by-3-cup pieces); 3 others in half lengthwise (for six 6-by-1-cup pieces; discard one); and from another, cut 2 cups from one end and discard (for one 5-by-2-cup piece). Leave last bottom piece intact.

2. Cut the sides off the 2 top halves; discard. Curve two 6-by-1-cup pieces into semicircles by cinching together adjacent cups with duct tape.

3. On a flat surface, lay out the 2 semicircles, open side up, for neck. Attach 1 end with duct tape, leaving the other end open. For remainder of body, lay out pieces as shown, using the 6-by-2-cup piece for the back, the 5-by-2-cup piece for the front, and one top-carton piece for each arm.

4. Use duct tape to attach these to the neck piece.

5. For the chest strap, cut a length of duct tape to go around the child's midsection; fold in half lengthwise, then tape it to the end of the front piece.

6. For arm straps, cut four 9-inch lengths of duct tape to go around the arms; fold in half lengthwise, then tape 2 to each arm piece. Place the entire contraption on child, securing neck piece with tape. Use tape to secure chest strap to back piece and to secure straps around arms. Tape reserved buttons to chest strap and arm bands.

7. For belt, tape the remaining three 6-by-1-cup pieces together end to end; secure ends around waist with tape. Use 2-by-3-cup pieces for knee pads. Fold four 8-inch lengths of duct tape in half lengthwise, tape to knee pads for straps. Put on child; secure ends with tape.

Gun How-To
1. Use a hot-glue gun set on low to glue the bottom of a plastic cup inside the opening of a cookie press. Make a cone of red construction paper. Apply hot glue to cone's bottom edge; affix to cup.

Helmet How-To
You'll need about 55 Styrofoam cups; label bottoms as you work to keep track of the rows.

1. Start with 1 cup (row 1), open side down, and space 6 cups (row 2) evenly around it, hot-gluing them where they touch row 1.

2. Glue 6 more cups (row 3) in the spaces of previous row. Continue through row 8. Glue more partial rows for back of helmet (to row 9 or 10, depending on size).

3. For strap, fold two 7-inch pieces of duct tape in half lengthwise; secure with tape.


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For Girls (Little Cute Witch): Simple black and white striped t-shirt paired with an orange and black tutu, black socks and black ballerinas. Add a witches' hat from your local thrifty store and home-made broom. For the broom, gather some twigs from nature and wrap them around the bottom of a bamboo stick! Simple and effective!

For Boys (Spooky Skeleton): Black, long-sleeved t-shirt, black trousers and a bit of face paint, make for a quick and inexpensive costume. Dab the entire child's face with white paint using a sponge, then contour the eyes with black face paint using a small lipstick brush. Draw a triangle on the nose in black using the brush again. Then finish off with vertical lines on the mouth with the black paint!

For more details view our online magazine here: http://issuu.com/birdsparty/docs/bird_s_party_online_magazine_-_fall_2011__issue_3?mode=embed


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I love working with felt for quick, inexpensive and easy solutions for dressing up for Halloween. Felt is easy to cut and glue because it doesn't fray. Use it to fashion animal ears on a headband, or a tail pinned to the back of your pants. It comes in so many fun colors so the only limitation is your imagination! Check out how an everyday button down shirt was transformed into an outfit fit for royalty!



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