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What do you do when you can't sleep?

You want to sleep, but your mind and body are not cooperating. What do you do that helps you fall asleep when this happens?

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12  Answers

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I take an inexpensive herb called melatonin. It has no mood altering qualities and doesn't test positive for anything. 100 costs less than than $10. You can get them at any drug store, or Walmart. It has the same qualities as turkey.

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I head for my craft room! LOL My kids are grown and on their own so I don't have to worry about waking them. I do however have to worry about waking my furkids and them having a fit as they sleep in their crates at night. I know some people find that mean or whatever, but God forbid anything terrible happen during the night, I know exactly where to find them so we can get them out with us.

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Mediation, prayer, hot relaxing bath.
L-tryptophan is an amino acid that is found in turkey (thats why you wanna sleep after thanks giving dinner LOL), this amino acid is also found in alot of other foods like cheese, milk, fish, chicken.

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I usually read or do a crossword. Don't just lie there worrying that you can't sleep 'cos that makes it worse

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I read for a while- but if that doesn't work and I find myself worrying about things- I count. Just start counting, concentrate on the numbers and you'll be asleep in no time.

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A warm cup of milk or hot chocolate. Works like a charm every time :)

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Rule #1 get more exercise during the day! It is imperative! If that isn't the problem I like this trick and a good one to teach the kids. Start by laying straight in bed (side or back), take 3 or 4 really deep breathes, elongate spine ( heel and head stretching away from each other) and other appendages for a half minute or so and then relax. I then recount my day in reverse, starting from that moment in bed. I try to get to when I woke up in the morning but I rarely get past lunch. Of course basic sleep hygiene should be taken into consideration....get ready for bed with routine, tea( a nice pinot(not kids):) and 'jammies' , teeth brush and 'jammies' of course. Try to read a bit before lights out and kick the electronics out of the bedroom. Sweet dreams!

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A cup of hot tea (camimile tea) does the trick for me. I make a cup of hot tea and sit down with a book that I am reading. Reading my book and siping on the tea helps relax me and helps my get to sleep and sleep well and drinking the tea does not make you feel droggy the next day like some sleep aids can make you feel.

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suduko. I used to read, but I'd get too absorbed in whatever book & end up staying awake even longer... it requires enough focus to shut off the list of things I need to do the following day, etc, but most of the puzzles can be solved in 5-10 minutes, so you can set it down without a problem when your eyes start to droop...

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Yep that's it! I feed and change my son and then take two generic dollar store brand pain relief pm's or tylenol pm's. They are mild enough that you will wake up if your child starts crying but strong enough to get you to sleep, I have even taken them and stayed up till they wore off so they wont knock you out lol. Also the added pain relief helps, plus the dr's even said they were ok to take while pregnant, they said you can also just take benadryl its the same thing.

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its bad to say but tylenol pm has become my best friend


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