What is a good gift to buy a girl for her 1st birthday?

Share your gifts suggestions for girls that are turning 1 and see what other moms think are some great gifts for one year old girls.

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Out of EVERYTHING my daughter got for her 1st birthday, a shopping cart with plastic food and the FisherPrice Bounce and Spin Zebra are the 2 she still plays with everyday (she is now 19 months).

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Both of my girls received toddler sized pull out couches at their first birthdays and absolutely LOVED them. They liked having their own place to sit, and they are foam so I don't have to worry about her falling off an getting hurt. One of the best presents by far! Also books are always great.

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Violet and scout are leapfrog toys; stuffed dogs that you hook to a USb and download to peronalize them to be your childs friend Ie: says your childs name teaches them how to spell it plays your nursery rhmes you choose childs favorite color, and alot more! This is my typical first Bday present it started when my daughter turned one and i got her violet! She loves it even now that she is two and a half she loves the fact that it says her name! This is a pretty reasonable priced toy as well i buy them from Walmart for about twenty bucks! :)

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Its never too much clothes - they make it dirty in no time!
All kind of interactive toys, something to keep her busy. Like a electronic books with ABCs.
Tricycle or that push car, kid could sit on top of it and push herself around the house. My child did that even before he started walking )

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I got my daughter a little shopping cart for her first birthday and it's the only toy that she plays with EVERY DAY and she's 18 months now. lol

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A potty Chair. My ten month old already has hers. She will sit on with and without her diaper with a book . Sometimes I let her run around without a diaper and she lets me know when she has to go pee by going over to her potty chair. She is always very proud of herself weather she makes the potty or not because I encourage her no matter what. It is a win-win gift.

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I got my niece a little radio flyer wagon and she loved being pulled around in it.

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A great site for some ideas are on http://www.top20giftideas.com

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like this winter time,i will get her teddy bears,warm jacket and trucksuit.

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There is a clever walker that converts to a ride on toy that is great for one year old girls and boys. It plays music as they walk. You can find it through amazon Christmas gifts for babies<img src="https://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=bravandgrac-20&l=ur2&o=1" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />
I think its called stride to ride.

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Yes, I agree with the few other posts...the trike that is also a push toy. My daughter has a kitchen though and she is almost 1 and loves it! Her kitchen talks to her in English and Spanish and sings songs and we bring that thing everywhere haha (it's only about a foot tall).

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my daughter loved her smart trike at the age

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My daughter loved watching her father do his woodworking. For her birthday we bought her a Fisher Price tool bench that plays music, makes sounds and lights up. :) I would suggest anything that encourages "pretend play" like a tea set, cars, a baby doll etc

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This is really gender neutral but we got our daughter the My Soft World Castle (comes in Town and I think one more), by Edushape. They are fun to build with and knock down and you don't have to worry about them getting hurt because their soft. Plus they double as teethers, not that it's marketed for that purpose.

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A tea set. My daughter loves hers and is always pouring me pretend cups of tea... Oh and she 'has' to stir it with the spoon before every mouthful ;-P

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Fisher price talking zoo, riding car, fisher price bouncing zebra, fisher price doll house, blocks, pillow pet clothes, pjs, slippers, disney movies, learning toys, childrens music, her very own kids chair, light up sneakers, stuffed animals, baby dolls, etc. I hope that helps!

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well i found with my daughter anything that captures her attention, toys that light up, play music so they can move their little bodies and dance, interactive toys where baby pushes buttons and its abc`s or 123`s. Also my daughter which will be 2 this dec 1st, likes the phone, so we got her a play phone which lights up, and interacts with her when she presses buttons, rings and talks to her, it`s from fisher price....they make great toys.


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