What are helpful remedies for child constipation?

Children's bodies can't handle quite the intensity of adult remedies available, so what are some good remedies for persistent children's constipation?

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It is so disturbing to me how many doctors put kids on Miralax....and not just for a couple of weeks....for YEARS!! There are so many reasons for constipation, and I highly recommend going the dietary route before reaching for a prescription:
One common reason is not enough fruit/veggies/fiber rich foods.
There could also be a mineral imbalance. Kids who take calcium supplements without magnesium will probably have constipation.
Some kids do not drink enough water.
Kids with constipation could have a food allergy or sensitivity (esp. if it alternates with loose stools)
Taking probiotics is very helpful for all kids - to boost immunity, but it also is very useful in digestive disorders like constipation. Gradually increase water, fiber and fruit & veggie consumption. I really like smoothies - add in 1-2 T of chia seed, some coconut kefir, some spinach, blueberries. Make sure there is a balance of minerals in diet/supplements. Limit sugar, and processed foods.

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Lots of fresh fruits and veggies.
A crushed peppermint candy dissolved in warm water.

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Give him high fiber foods like cereals, whole grain breads, chickpeas and lentils and popcorn with minimal salt or butter. Yogurt is also good and promotes good digestive health.

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One part fresh orange juice to 5 parts water - my health visitor suggested this to me and I gave it a go. It worked after a couple of days.


Besides lack of fluid intake, lack of exercise can be a cause.
For medication: inspite of what you may have heard, it's safer to use mini-enemas (like Fleet Pedialax one) or suppositories than oral medicines which have to pass right through the digestive system

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I dont know how this happened - that was MY answer

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