What kind of music should you allow your child to listen to?

How do you determine what music is age appropriate for your child? Do you let your child listen to the same music you do? How about the music their friends are listening to? What music is your child allowed to listen to?

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My children ages are 14, 10, 8, 2 and 1 . I let them all listen to the same thing.Anything and everything. Its only music if they dont hear it at home , they going to hear it from somewhere else.
Music is great...we all LOVE music and all different kinds .

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I do not allow my children who are 6 11 and 13 to listen to any music that has bad language or sexual words or suggestions. I tell my children that they can listen to music that is uplifting, encouraging, clean and has a good dance beat. Think about the music that we use to listen to as kids or teenagers. Some music causes certain moods. Bad music causes bad behaviors and good clean music causes good behavior. So think that music has an effect on us in all kinds of ways. Good Luck!!!

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I let my children listen to just about anything. Unless I find it offensive or raunchy. I have a 15, 8, and 7 year old. They do ask questions and I gladly explain things. They know when certain things are inappropriate. I think it is all in how you handle the matter. My 15 year old is very open and is a very goal oriented child and I think that is one of the reasons why. I hope everyones input has helped in someway.

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I allow my children the freedom to listen to just about whatever they want within reason. I listen to most of the music my children listen to. I believe that as a parent it is my responsiblity to monitor what they are listening to/ and or watch on TV and to explain anything that they may hear in music or see on TV. I don't allow my kids to listen to what I would call "extreme rap or Dark Satanic music" anything that talks about commiting violent crimes agianst women or worshipping the devil, that is even a little much for me. Just like I don't allow my children to watch Pornography films. My thoughts on music and films is that it is my responsibility as a parent to monitor what my kids are doing. I do not agree with censorship, I think that is a crutch for parents who don't want to parent. It is easier to just let someone else make all the choices for you than to actively make parental choices as to what you feel comfortable in allowing your children to see or hear. I think that when your kids come in contact with content of question it takes time to explain to them what may be offensive to some and not others, or completley wrong about the material. Some parents don't want to take the time to teach their kids that much, or think that if they never see it when young that they will never come to know it. Well eventually they will get out from under mommies wings and see all that stuff they tried to keep them away from.

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I listen to a very wide variety of music..little of it gets much airtime on the radio or any of the contest shows you see these days on television. My daughter is nearly 11 and asks a lot of questions about what songs mean. I think its wonderful that she is putting that much thought into it and not just caught in the melody. Her friends are mostly into popular music so there is little I could do to stop her from listening to it, but seriously, I wouldn't try to stop her from hearing anything.I feel my children are well rounded and have wonderful taste in music, even if they are listening to stuff I don't necessarily enjoy. It is theirs and its wonderful to see them develop. :D

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Oops This comment should have come through my personal account. :)

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Hi! My daughter is 8, I allow her to listen to POSITIVE music only!
Today's music is sooo suggestive, eventually she will
end up doing what she's singing. I let her listen
to some Disney channel music, radio Disney, kids bob,
gospel and dance. I watch what I listen to with/around her.
We have lead by example. Have a great day!!

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My daughter is allowed to listen to anything she wants.
She has her own opinions and taste.
Right now she likes a lot of different things, most of it because she has heard it through me or her dad.
She is about to be 7 and listens to Marilyn Manson, Lady Gaga, LMFAO, older Nine Inch Nails, and some other stuff.
She loves Gaga the best :)

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My 13 year old daughter listens to my country music, all the Disney movie soundtracks, Hanna Montanna/Miley Cyrus. She loves the music from the Broadway Play : Jekyll & Hide, because her cousin is actually in that play and on that CD. I won't let her listen to hard rock, rap, or any music with bad language and talking about drugs and killing or suicide.

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They are allowed to listen to most things now, though thankfully neither like rap / hip hop which tends to have the worst of the lyrics. We also have encouraged a wide variety of genres, and they are as home listening to Mozart as the latest offering from the Disney channel. Banning something outright tends make them want it more I find, so instead we just talk about why something isn't good, eg its degrading to women, and trust we have brought them up to know these issues matter. As to general bad language, I don't like it but its part of the pop music of today and to be honest you hear worse in the playground - if its cleared for radio play, it can't be too bad (in the UK at least they do have certain standards on music played pre watershed). Maybe I'm lucky, one prefers classical, the other Disney pop, and both love the Beatles, so if I had a kid that wanted to listen to ganster rap maybe i'd have a less liberal position, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed its not a bridge I have to cross.

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what types of songs should my 2 and 5 year old listen to

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It all just depends on the child. I can't agree with the whole bad music=bad behavior because through middle and high school I used to only listen to Metal and I was an honor roll student and never got into trouble. Didn't care to really. It wasn't about the lyrics for me though. I just love guitar riffs in Metal music. My daughter listens to the same music as I do at the moment which is pretty much anything and everything and if she says she doesn't like something I'll put something else on for her. She's a big fan of techno. :p I think it's just how you handle yourself and the situation. It's hard to avoid certain kinds of music anyways. You never know what their friends are going to listen to or what their friends parents allow them to listen to so it's just better to explain what's right and wrong. Sheltering a child just makes them go crazy when they get a little taste of life eventually. I couldn't tell you how many sheltered kids who's parents were strict on what the watched, who they hung out with, etc. Went completely crazy in college. I'm not saying to just let your child go wild now. No! But guidance and knowledge are key.

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My 9yr old listens to the same music I listen to. I grew up in the 80's and the music is pretty tame. There is some music that I listen to that has some swearing but my little one doesn't pay attention to the lyrics at all just the music it self unless she really likes the song then she tries to sing it. She listens to the Mini Pops and Kids Bop. They are groups just for children.

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My daughter is almost 7 and she listens to what I listen to of course there is no profanity in the music I listen to :) I listen to a variety of music from rock, rap, country and latin music :) I also have a 19 yr old son who happens to be a rock star :) he formed his own rock/metal band and he sings and plays guitar :) I am very proud of him he is very talented and he composes his own songs and my daughter thinks he is the best big brother ever :) and you better believe my daughter and I attend his concerts :) I have always wondered why parents are picky when it comes to the music they allow their children to listen to I don't understand what are they protecting them from?

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We also have different musical taste. With our Kids, we took them to Music Together when they were young, to at least give them an appreciation for music. On the weekends we go through our CDs and introduce the Kids to Classical/Jazz/Latin Fusion/Blues......
We let our Kids go to sleep to the radio too. There used to be a station that played Love Dedications, which was fairly harmless, but the station replaced that DJ's soothing voice with John Tesh's booming intrusive one. We don't want to take them away from Pop music with their Friends and Disney/Nick because we don't want to shelter them either. Our Kids do know if there are lyrics they don't understand, they ask us, which has opened us up to some fantastic conversations!


I have two daughters, ages 15 and 14. We do not allow them listen to songs that are sexually suggestive. I know that they will hear it from other kids, at school, friends houses, etc., but in our house it is not allowed. With that being said, my two girls are adopted and experienced sexual abuse from 3-5 years old with their birth mother. My 14 year old is very logical thinking and doesn't want to listen to distasteful music, but my 15 year old is very promiscious because of the abuse she suffered she has the mind set that women have to be sexual in life....so that is the main reason why we do not allow it. Also when I say sexually suggestive songs, I mean songs where its talking about the acts in detail and is really raunchy.....the softer songs are okay because they are growing up! I don't allow them to watch R rated movies either, UNLESS, its only R rated because of language or violence (horror films). I think as parents you have to be open with your kids but you also need to let them be kids and there is nothing wrong with trying to protect your childs innocence. Think back to how kids were 20 years ago compared to kids today...there is a huge difference in attitude, respect, and self image! Parents did it right back then!

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I let my daughters listen to anything as long as it doesn't have bad language or sexual language. They also understand why this is so.they will eventually hear it but as with growing up that is a privilege you must be mature enough to handle. At some point they will make thief own music choices without my input but I just really don't like bad language.

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I have given a LOT of thought to this, because there is so much music that I feel is inappropriate for young ears.... due to specific language or adult messages or innuendo.

The thing is, you can limit what your kids hear, but only to a certain extent. They are still going to hear that music when they are at school/daycare, on the school bus, in the mall, at their friends house, on the radio.... and they might start thinking that you are being mean because you won't let them listen to Rhianna singing about sex and how chains and whips excite her, or Katy Perry singing about doing shots, getting drunk and having a menage-a-trois.

For me, I want to give my kids the broadest musical education they can get. I have them listen to all genres, and I hope they will learn to identify those genres as well as identify musical instruments they hear. I would love them to appreciate classical music, opera, jazz, and find out what THEY find they like, outside of mainstream pop music.

And then I also want to talk with them about the lyrics in the songs that I find inappropriate, in an age-appropriate way, so that they understand my reasons for not wanting them to just blindly sing along to the words of such songs.... or to think that the message of the songs is "cool" or to be emulated.

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we listen to the music on the radio. My son is 4. He does listen to music on the ipad but i monitor what the language is, I ike havign in exposed to differnt types of music. Makes for some great dance evenings!!

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My children listen to klove they love the music that they play

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I allow my son to listen to the same music I do. We listen to 80's music and my son listens to some newer stuff. I really don't have to worry about it because I don't ever hear him listening to inappropriate music. The one type of music I absolutely won't let my 12 year old listen to is rap music! I have never liked it and I feel like a lot of it is bad words and explicit lyrics. I feel that this is per the parents digression. Not every parent is going to feel the same way when it comes to this subject.

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When I have kids, they will most likely end up listening to country. I grew up listening to a little of everything but country is what I listen to the most. As a matter of fact I listen to country so much I annoy my sisters with it.

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As a Christian I do not allow my children to listen to music that doesn't praise God. I do educate them on the lyrics, and meaning of them. I am aware that when they go to school and are with friends, they hear other music, and that's why I teach them to pay attention to the words. It's important that they hear music that is consistent with the beliefs of our faith.


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