What should you feed your 1 year old?

What can one year olds eat? What should you be feeding them?

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My daughter is 18 months old and has been eating everything that I eat since she was a year old. I just make sure that I cut things up smaller for her.

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My daughter LOVES Plums,Cheese,Mandarin oranges, Mac and Cheese, Ravilois, Fish Stix, Tuna, French Toast. I have a four year old as well and she can eat almost everything he can besides a few here and there that I am worried that she might not be able to chew. :o)

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best way is to lead by example. THANKFULLY I have older kids so I don't actually have to eat the peas or green beans, but they do and they do it so well that all the little kids want to eat them too. we also play a fun game of get-the-food-I'm-holding-it-in-my-teeth. also, open-your-mouth-ha-ha-just-kidding-I'm-going-to-eat-it-oh, no-you-are....also we play drink the juiced broccoli, and eat the zucchini bread with all the pulp from the juicer in it. lol. the lengths we go to get our kids to eat. right?

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You can make your own fries in the oven using that low calorie spray oil. Chop up your potatoes (or even sweet potato) and part boil first, then spray a baking tray with the oil and lay the fries out flat then spray over the top of the potatoes with the oil. They taste just as good and are much lower in fat and salt.

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My kids have alway been good eaters & I feel like it was because we started off right. Avoid processed (high in sodium and fillers) foods. Chopped fruit and veggies of all kinds- if they can pick it up and feed themselves it usually gets eaten! Use fresh cuts of meat that are cut across teh grain an then into cubes...again avoid things like lunchmeat and hot dogs & also "precooked" frozen or refrigerated foods. If you just want them to eat chicken nuggets cut up boneless skinless breasts and dip them in egg & flour. Then you can bake or fry them. Beans are also an excellent source of protein and fiber, just slightly mash them if your baby isn't a good chewer yet. Babies also love yogurt, cottage cheese, and eggs.

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yes i agreed,,,,,my son 13month old he want to eat everything just try also plain oats cook and mix with unflavor yoghurt with slice banana.ummmh yummy....

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I am haivng a hard time getting my boy to eat vegetables. I have "decorated" them or hidden them in foods and he just throws them on the floor. Any advice to get him to eat his veggies?

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Try mincing veggies and cooking in spaghetti sauce to serve with his pasta.

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I feed him those gerber toddler meals and I also chop him up some bananas, carrots,apples, I give him oatmeal and I try to stay from fattening foods but he likes to eat mcdonalds fries but I rarely give,him those and I dont reccomend them. lmost anything you eat he/she can eat, as long as they are able to chew there food. Hope this helps

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my daughter never had baby foods. pureed fruit and veg to start, then i introduced meat and potatoes, pasta and rice. by 10 months she was eating whatever i had, either cut up or mashed, and she had no teeth til 13 months. she was eating sandwiches at 8 months, and to be quite honest im shocked that some of your kids cant chew at 16 months. chewing helps develop the muscles they need to speak, backed up by the fact my daughter at 2 was on the level of a 3 year old with speech.

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Every child is different

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my 20mon old LOVES to eat veggies; she will eat cooked carrots, broccoli, peas, asparagus tips, corn on the cob, lettuce (she loves to munch on the crunchiness lol), greenbeans, and more.. as for fruits, she LOVES strawberries, mandarin oranges, pears, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, plums, u name it!! hehe. she also loves salmon, chicken salad sandwiches on reg white bread or even whole grain bread just depending on your toddler's preference. :) hope this has helped someone out there!!!

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MY son is 19 months and can eat anything I eat!

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Lots of fruits and raw veggies. My son loves any fruit and raw tomatoes and cucumbers. I personally dont feed my son dairy or meat. I have fed him fish once or twice. He also loves hardboiled eggs =)

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Some things my daughter liked to eat at that age were Nutrigrain cereal bars, dry cereal, pancakes, waffles, scrambled egg, yogurt, PB&J and grilled cheese sandwiches, peas, applesauce, beans, rice, cubes of cheese or tofu, cottage cheese, noodles, and those Morningstar Farms chik'n nuggets (we're vegetarian). Really she could eat pretty much anything as long as it was cut into pieces - she had most of her front teeth by the time she turned 1, but no molars until closer to 18 months.

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My 1 yr old ate pretty much anything...
Breakfast - eggs, yogurt, toast, homefries, sausage, cereal, fruit, oatmeal
Lunch - sandwiches, soups, different veggies (if hard like a carrot, then softened) mashed potatoes
Dinner, chicken nuggets, fish, veggies, beans, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese...
Snacks, fruit, veggies, crackers, cheese sticks,

basically whatever. He wasnt big on meats, though...

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When my daughter was 1 she ate everything we ate and now my 8 month old son is doing the same with the exception of honey because they are not supposed to have that until at least 2 years old (I'm going to limit it past that age but that's just me). With a 1 year old you need to make sure that the food is still semi soft to help prevent choking and with me I never gave her anything bigger than the tip of my pinky finger so even if she did swallow it whole she wouldn't choke on it. If you have food allergies that run in your family I would give a little bit of something and watch for any reactions. My kids both love peanut butter but I give it to them in very small amounts not because of allergies but just because it is so thick and hard for an adult to swallow sometimes. Nuts are another thing my daughter LOVES but I am very careful about her eating them and I always make sure I am right there with her when she does.

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Be careful with the nuts. A friend of mine's daughter inhaled a small piece of pecan at the age of three, and the oil from the nut caused her to get pneumonia. Doctors explained that small childrens' swallowing ability isn't fully developed, and they often inhale things into their lungs. Nut oils are particularly bad. They recommended to my friend that children should not eat nuts until the age of 5.

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From one year old you can start to introduce all type of vegetables/fruits...the more you'll introduce, the better he'll eat when he'll be 5years old. I did introduce to my son blueberries and blacberries when he was 8month...of course little by little, and then from 1years-old much more, so, now he's 4years and he's eating really well all different type of fruits I try to give him 3servings of fruits per day and the rest vegetables...with vegetables its not easy,as you need to cook, so when he goes to pre-school most of the time I'd out in his lunch box different type of fruits, yougurt-cheese would be good soure of calcium, but he doesn't like it.
From one year child's slowly is learning to bite food..so, there's no need to mash completly his food...its good for his gums and teeth to start bite the food.

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My son likes to eat "big people food". He doesn't really like the toddler food anymore, except for those Gerber Veggie Sticks. When he was about a year old, he started to resist jarred baby food, and he loves eating what we eat. He loves vegetables (big time! Especially sweet potato, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, carrots, and beans), and for meat, he will generally eat anything but he really enjoys roast beef, chicken (any kind) and fish. Generally the fish is in the form of baked salmon. He likes waffles, pancakes, and generally will try anything. There are some foods he resists, but those are not the things you would expect a toddler to resist (ex: vegetables). For the most part, he will inhale a full plate of grown-up food (cut into small pieces and mashed up if needed, of course). We serve him whatever we eat. We were surprised when he showed a liking for spicy foods, such as curried chicken and pasta. He does have lactose intolerance, so we need to take that into consideration and cook with alternative dairy sources or use certain low-lactose cheeses which he is fine with. For spaghetti, we don't include cheese in his pasta, and if we want cheese in our own pasta, we have to add it separately to our own plates after plating it up, but it isn't too much of a hassle for us, really, to do those sort of things.

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my son also is allergic to milk. he is almost a year old so he still eats baby food, but i am introducing new "grown up" food to him. What do you do for like mac n cheese or food that you are supposed to use milk in? do you make everyone's food with a lactose milk? or do you make his separately? I am still trying to figure this out and didn't know what the best way to do this kind of cooking would be. any suggestions would be appreciated.

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My one year old loves to eat vienna sausages, applesauce, life & cheerios cereal, vanilla wafers, yogurt and oatmeal. Those are all his favorites. I hope I helped a bit.

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My daughter is 19 months. Mornings we have oatmeal or blueberry (gluten-free) pancakes/waffles. Lunches are peanut butter and fruit spread sandwiches, with fresh fruits (banana, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi). Dinner is a variety from french fries (frozen organic cut very easy to toss in the oven), peas, green beans, black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, spiral rice pasta (cut into half before cooking) with tomatoes, tofu, soups (lentil, split pea, vegetable, ect). These are the things I feel safe giving her to eat on her own. It's a meat/dairy free, wheat free diet though.

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I just fed mine cut up versions of what I ate. If there was something that she didn't like, I would try to make it different the next time. I found out that my daughter doesn't like herbs on veggies, that way.

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I boil Potatoes carrots and pumpkin. Do Brocolli and peas and corn and vegies really. When all cooked I mash it all together. Thats about all I can et him to eat. Throws everything else on the floor arrghhh. I am also out of options especially lunch times

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My little one is 1 year 8 months and she's not keen on veggies at all, but thankfully enjoys apple and banana. She loves bovril / marmite on bread, 2 min noodles, viennas, cheese, occassionally some scrambled egg and fries. She won't eat any cereal except weetbix and worst case scenario for supper if she won't eat anything else, she'll finish a whole weetbix which is at least healthy and filling. I just keep trying new things every few days and every now and then she suprises me and takes to it. She also loves juice, so occassionally I liquidize a combination of carrots, oranges and a banana which she enjoys... sneaky but a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do :-)

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Thanks Ladies, all of this advice is great BUT my lg is 19 months old & only started getting teeth at about 15 months, she does not have her back teeth to grind food yet, she has puree foods. So all of you mommies that kiddies eat the food which you eat, how many teeth do your lo's have? or do some of you have my problem as well?

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If you look it up on parenting sites, toddlers don't need any teeth to be able to eat solid foods as their gums are very strong. And they won't get those molars until there 2. My daughter just has front teeth and she eats everything that I do, even steak! I wouldn't hold back, just make sure you cut up meats small.

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By 12 months of age both of my daughters were eating what we eat. My youngest is 13 months now and eats 3 weetbix with milk for breakfast and usually a sandwich with peanut butter or vegemite and cheese or tuna and cheese or some sushi for lunch. Dinner is whatever we're having, cut up smaller for her - pasta bolegnaise with lots of vegies grated into it, tuna mornay with rice and vegies for her to hold and eat (not cut small, she takes bites of them), chicken curry, beef casserole, pasta with home made pesto, stir fry veg with tofu and noodles. Anything really, my kids are not fussy and that's because they've been given tastes of all sorts of things since they started eating :)

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I certainly wouldn't give them steak or something hard and chewy like that, but my girls were both very late teethers. Gums are very hard too! They all go through fussy periods and I agree, there's no point stressing over it, it all works out and if they're hungry, they eat.

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My son is 16 months and I feed him rice cereal and about 15-20 cheerios for breakfast, cut up bananas, grapes, or peach or pear fruit cups for lunch, and a cut up hotdog, peanut butter sandwich, chicken nuggets, or macaroni and cheese for dinner. He also gets fruit gummies, goldfish, or teddy grahams for a snack. He doesn't quite understand biting off of things yet. If I give him a sandwich cut in half, he will try to stuff the entire piece in his mouth so I try to stick to things that are small enough for him to chew one at a time or anything that can be cut or torn up.

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My son is 19 months old and I feed him everything we eat. For breakfast during the wk he eats a child sized bowl of cereal and a piece of toast. Lunch is either some noodles and a hot dog or some raw veggies and ranch dressing grilled cheese or peanut butter sandwich. Dinner is usually a type of meat mac n cheese other noodle mashed taters fried taters and onion and some sort of cooked veggie green beans and corn are his faves and snacks are usually fresh fruit and some crackers. Ive been feeding him the same things we eat since the day he could chew it long as its bite size


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