What are your top 3 flicks for a family night (please indicate the minimum age for each movie)?

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Hard to narrow down, but here are three of our favorites(we like to laugh:):

Madagascar(any age). My kids can't get enough of the crazy lemurs! And they love to dance to "I like to Move It, Move It!"
Despicable Me(any age). Those little yellow dudes are hilarious!
And for more of a "real" movie: A Little Princess(Any age also, but I think for a child to really follow it, 6 and up. Might not entertain younger ones). I think its a BEAUTIFUL story. I have three daughters and I think it teaches a wonderful lesson: All girls are princesses. All special. All important.


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Since our little one is barely making the stage of realizing he can see a t.v. and after we've let him watch his favorite Sesame street. Me and my mister love to sit down and watch some oldie films (since I'm such a softie for these). Our favorites are:
Singing in the Rain
Sound of Music
And you can not end a night without humor with "The Three Stooges"

Appropriate for all ages...


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Thanks for your recommendations, Sound of Music is also our all time favorite and what I grew up with!

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First site to match families.
This site is Great..
Thanks Lubub.com

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Puss In Boots - rated PG - my 3 year old son loves this movie
Nemo - rated G - for kids 2.5 and up
Thomas and Friends - For all ages

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our top 3 movies that our family loves to watch are tangled {for all ages}. even my husband is obsessed with this movie, it has a little something for everyone in our family. #2 old yeller {i would say the minimum age would be 5 so they understand what is going on. this movie is just such a classic, i grew up watching it as a kid & now it's one of my favorites now that i'm older!! its a movie my family will probably pass on from generation to generation! & our #3 movie we love is the adjustment bureau {minimum age is 15} it's a really interesting movie & will make you think!! we bought that the day after we watched it, its one of those!! :)

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We're just getting into movie night and my daughter adores it, my newborn isn't too picky.

The top two for any age:
1) Tangled
2) Finding Nemo

Teenagers and up:
3) 50 First Dates

I watch this one with my husband. It's rated PG-13, recommended for 13 and up.
It always makes me want a vacation to Hawaii!

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Our family loves movie night! Nothing better than a hot bag of popcorn all snuggled up on the couch. Our favorite family movies are:

Hotel For Dogs. Both our youngest *LOVE* all the dogs!

Cars. We watch this all the time. Mater, just cracks us up.

And an old school favorite that our 4 year old could watch 10x a day is...Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. He used to call it the Hi-Ho movie.

Of course there are many more but these seem to be the ones in heaviest rotation lately. All of the above work well for kids and adutls of all ages.


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our top 3 family flicks would be:
Despicable Me
Leave it to Beaver
Anne of Green Gables
i think the minimum age for these movies woule be age 4.
we like to choose movies with good moral content, yet plenty of action to keep the "viewers" interested. it's fun, because our youngest is now almost 5, so he's can sit through movies with us and snuugle right in!


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I can only choose 3? We love so many movies! We have a popcorn machine at our house, so we enjoy making our own popcorn and pouring on extra butter and curling up with each other under a blanket, snuggling on the couch. If I could only pick 3, and asking the kids they would be:


"Despicable Me"

"The Secret Garden"

I would say 4 and up are good ages for these movies.


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we are the same way with our popcorn! we have a machine too, makes it extra fun!

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We LOVE movie nights at our house.

Home made popcorn and snuggles on the couch.
As we have both a boy (7 in a week) and a girl (9) we have to pick something that they both will enjoy. Not too girly, and not only with boys in it.

Top favourite's in the past have been:
* ET - a classic from 1982 but the kids love it (could be a bit scary for kids under 6)
* Spy Kids - 2003 - covers both fantasy, comedy & action, all of which is a good choice with 'older' kids
* The Pacifier - 2005 - has been watched more than once. The kids love it, it's full of action & funny but not really for kids under 5 or 6

Enjoy your next movie night!


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My wee man is still abit young for movies, but favourites in our Family are Toy story (all of them) these is fine for 2+, we absolutely LOVE the film ELF regaurdless of what time of year is it. It's a PG So I guess for the slightly older audience. Monsters inc is also a big favourite in our house again that be for 2-3+. Talking about films now I going to have to pop some popcorn and stick on ELF!!! Enjoy!!!


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elf is AWESOME!

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All of our favorites include every age, the entire family! We love "A Journey Home" and "Inherit the Land" and "The Eden string quartet" yes, all Franklin Springs Media films :)


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Mary Poppins, Finding Nemo and The Aristocats. All great for 2+. With Finding Nemo, we start at the EAC and that avoids the super scary parts.


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My children are 9, 4, 2 so movies have to be good for all ages which why my top 3 picks for a movie night/afternoon would be:
Despicable Me
Kung Fu Panda

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We are just getting into movies considering we have a 3.5 year old, a 2.5 year old and a 5 month old. When we have a "movie night", we usually incorporate a dinner that we make together. We typically will make a homemade pizza, do a taco night with lots of small bowls of fixings to add for fun or a pasta night. When we have had these occasions, our top two choices are Tangled and Beauty and the Beast (can you tell my two oldest are girls?). Any other movie we have tried for "movie night" has lost my girls' interest in 20 minutes, so we always add the dinner beforehand to make sure that we do something that engages them fully!



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