What's the best age for starting a family?

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I think you start a family when you know that this is what you want and you are emotionally prepared . It doesn't matter if you are 18 ,30 or even 40, as you will love and care for your child to the best of your ability.

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This is such a personal decision. But, I do feel like you should aim for your mid-20s. You do SO MUCH changing, growing and maturing in those younger years, I find it difficult to believe you truly know yourself and what you want for your future at such a young age. But, that really is just my opinion. We weren't ready until our 30s, but that doesn't mean others aren't ready early. Just have a stable home life and the financial means to start a family.

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I really don't think there's a "best" age to start a family. Starting young is easier physically, starting (relatively) old is is easier emotionally. There's no such thing as perfection in the land of being a parent, you just have do it based on what's best for YOUR family.

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I have personally have had 2 children one at 19 and one at 30. Having to children a decade apart has left with me with 2 completely different experiences. I love both my children greatly but I feel I was still finding myself in my twenties and appreciated being a mom so much more in my thirties. If I had to say the best age I would say 30.


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