What's your best budget tip for shopping for back-to-school necessities like school supplies, backpacks, uniforms, labels and lunchboxes? Include a link to a photo if you have one!

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Shop your home before you go! Chances are you have some of the necessary supplies like pens, pencils, or notebooks left over from last year. Take inventory and then create a budget for the items you still need to buy.

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I'm shopping for four kids - 2 elementary and 2 middle-school - that adds up to a lot of pencils and paper. I always take the kids, not just so that they can pick out what color notebook to buy, but also - give them their own pile of stuff and money to pay for it to get in the check-out line. Often, the sales items are a limited quantity per person - let each kid buy their own allowed quantity.

Labels - I buy them cheap online, print them myself using Avery labels on the printer, or print them from my label maker. Sharpies are also great for those hard to label items.


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I am a believr in one-stop shopping especially as the crowd grow & grow as school quickly approaches. Here's my opinion if shopping for school uniforms! I feel fortunate that my schools ask for one time supply fee, so I don't have to tackle the big box stores for them.



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