When are kids old enough to bathe or shower on their own?

What do you think is the right age for kids to start bathing or showering on their own?

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3  Answers

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My 7 year old showers alone and I do leave him to play in the bath but I do stay upstairs while he does for 2 reasons 1 in case something bad happens then I am there quickly and secondly as a prompt to remind him to actually wash while in there.

I shower my 4 year old but again I let her play in the bath without me watching but remain close with the bathroom door open so I can hear what she's doing and keep checking on her.

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I just let my 7 year old start using the shower by himself. They HAVE to know how to turn the water on and off and which one is hot. He is really good at cleaning himself but that one took a few tries.

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When they are old enough to do it right and remember to use soap. I have a 10 year old who scrubs herself like she is scrubbing floors, and then a 15 year old I have to TELL to go bathe or I will do it myself. It depends on the kid. The four yr old around here who belongs to my oldest nephew still has to be bathed...or he just plays. The tub doesn't work properly so we all have to use the shower. For him its a matter of keeping the soap out of his eyes or he freaks.

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My 8 yr old step son goes in showers and i go inafter and the soap is still dry , alright get back in there and use soap ! boys i tell u lol

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