Why does my son have major mood swings from antibiotics?

Have you ever had a child who developed serious mood swings while they were taking antibiotics? Why does this happen? What are some suggestions for parents who have a child that is experiencing mood swings while taking antibiotics?

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Here's the untold secret about antibiotics and mood. As you may know, they kill not only bad bacteria in your body but also the good bacteria. And this good bacteria is critical for many areas of your health - immune health, digestion, etc.

They are also responsible for regulating your body's production of serotonin, a major neurotransmitter associated with feeling good. In fact, most of your serotonin is produced in your digestive tract!

So it's completely understandable that this would be happening.

Here's the full story thanks to the American Psychological Association: http://www.apa.org/monitor/2012/09/gut-feeling.aspx

My recommendation - get a good quality probiotic supplement for your child that will help restore your child's probiotic bacteria count. Renew Life and Now foods both produce some good ones. I'm sure you'll find ones tuned for children. And they should contain L. rhamnosus - one of the bacteria identified as responsible for helping with mood.

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There are some antibiotics that can cause mood swings. Particularly some that treat acne problems. There could also be a medicine interaction. If you think there is a problem check with the Pharmacist and your Doctor.

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I have not experienced any mood swings when my kiddos are on an antibiotic. However, I would suggest mentioning something to the child's doctor because it could be an allergic reaction. Granted it is not a life threatening reaction, but it is just that, a reaction. Have the doctor try a different med. next time one is needed. Good luck.


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