Why isn't my 18 month old talking?

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I have a 4 yr old son who has been diagnosed as being dyspraxic. This means he has trouble planning and sequencing his words, and has physical trouble putting his mouth in the correct way to say words correctly. For a long time bib was og and we could never understand how he could get it so wrong.

Does your child babble at all? my son for a long time only spoke vowels especially eeeee whereas my two year old can do dada, mummy, the b sound and has made all sorts of other sounds too where my first son didn't.
Have you had their hearing checked? My son ended up getting grommets even though he never really seemed to have ear infections, but his speech clarity improved heaps after that. We think now that he might have always had fluid in his ears which muffled sounds and stopped him saying things correctly.
Has your child met their other milestones? Do they make eye contact? Like Laura I would agree to talk to your health professional. It could be something like autism or dyspraxia, so the sooner those things can be picked up and appropriate interventions put in place the better. And don't let them put you off by just saying it will happen eventually. The sooner things can happen the better.
Maybe in the meantime too you could teach a few simple signs or create picture builds they can point to, to help communication as they get to the two year old stage. I wish I had done that because it would have saved a lot of frustration and temper tantrums because he would have had some way of telling us what he wanted.
Hope this might help a little. Best of luck.

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My 8 year old didn't talk until he was nearly 3 but he's now being tested for autism. My daughter however was talking by 1 and my 3rd child will be 2 in oct and only just started to be interested in trying to say words. All children do things at different ages' if ur worried however have a chat with your health visitor or doctor.


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