Quilting and Sewing Moms

A place where you can ask questions about your current projects and show off your finished projects! Sewing is a love of mine, it is a way to help keep me sane when my 2 kids are having especially rough days. lol! What is your current sanity project?


My First Quilt

I am taking class right now that is helping me make my first quilt. I am making it for my two year old. I used some of the fabric from her crib bumper. So far it has been fun...


new ideas for simple projects??

I've been practicing forever on cute pillows, which my 2yr old loves, and recently started a quilt from recieving blankets for my 7 month old. Does anyone have any quick and...


Wool Quilts - esp. baby blankets...

Has anyone else made a felted wool quilt or baby blanket? I just made one with felted sweaters that were too thick to use for diaper covers. I did some Google searching to get...


Strip Set issues

I' m sewing my first quilt and having problems with my measurements. After sewing 6 long pieces of fabric together and pressing, I'm supposed to get 9 1/2 inch squares but my...



I'm looking for a simple pattern and instructions for place mats. The simpler the better!


Piecing Blocks

What do you ladies do? Do you wait until you have all your blocks for your quilt completed before you start piecing them together or do you piece them together as you go?


Quilting Blog

Hey guys! I actually don't quilt, but my mom does and she is the editor of a really cool quilting blog that I thought you might be interested in!...


I need some help... TODAY!!

So I am trying to sew some vynal(sp) cover type stuff onto a purse for a picture pocket and I cant seem to get it to cooperate. What is a easy way to get it on my fabric....


cross stitching

i have been cross stitching for over 10 years, does that count as sewing or am i in the wrong group


help, all minkee blanket

im making a large all minke blanket for my sister's baby. well im hand stitching on the binding so there no stitches show and i've done a bit of it and laid it ut and realized...


Sorry for my absence

((sorry)) i have had some computer problems for some time and i had no way to access this forum. i am however excited to see so many new faces! during my time "away" i did...



why dont you take the time to introduce yourself. tell us what specifically you love to sew and what you've want to learn. my name is yvonne and im a stay at home mother of 2,...



We now have over 200 members!! Welcome to all you new members who have joined us recently! I know this season is very busy, I myself have 2 kids with a birthday and 5 family...


new format looks great!

dont you think? they changed the format of how the posts are shown and i think i really like it. :D just thought id share that. lol. hope you all had a great holiday and all...