Back-to School Lunchbox Surprises

Rhonda - posted on 08/21/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Picture This

Tape an open envelope to the top inside of your child's lunchbox and put a photo in it. Write a note on the back of the photo. Family pictures are nice or send a picture of your child doing something silly so he can show it to his friends.

Variety Show

Adding a treat (like a candy bar in an envelope labeled "junk mail" on the outside) is only special if you don't allow your kid to eat gobs of candy every day. A candy treat is nice every once in awhile but the complaint most kids have about their lunches is "You always pack me the same thing." Here are some (healthy) ideas to add lunchbox variety.

Cut up carrot sticks and include a little Tupperware of hummus, ranch dressing, or veggie dip.

Make your child a nice sample tray by taking half an egg carton and lining each cup with aluminum foil (optional but this will keep the contents from spilling). Put a hardboiled egg in one, a handful of almonds in another, raisins in a third, crackers in the fourth, and so on.

Instead of one boring sandwich, pack three half sandwiches.

Draw a face on a banana with an indelible market, the stem is the hair.

Put a taco shell and a few small containers of things like chopped tomatoes, cooked beans, cheese, or chopped spinach and let your child's lunch be make-your-own tacos.


Jacqui - posted on 08/23/2009




ny kids were fed up of sandwiches so i give thm cooked pasta or sausage rolls and also tortillo wraps.they eat every bit of their lunches now

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Kiela - posted on 09/03/2009




my son loves to make ants on a log...celery w peanut butter on it...i do that part..and put a small box of raisins in and he puts them all over his celery... also to make his own salad u put all the toppings he or she likes in the lunch i usually cut up turkey and some cheese and crutons..and a lil cup of ranch..and we have a shaker cup you dump the dressing in and shake like it coats all the salad my five year old loves it...

Angela - posted on 08/30/2009




Rod pretzels with ham or turkey wrapped around them. Peanut butter with carrots, apples or banana chunks.

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