Both my kids are allergic to milk...need recipe ideas that are milk/cheese free

Janice - posted on 12/29/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




Both my kids (5 yrs old and 1 yr old) are allergic to milk and mild products (yogurt, cheese). I need ideas to make quick kids friendly meals without milk. Any suggestions?


Elizabeth - posted on 08/14/2010




this sounds nasty but my 3 yr old and 1 year old love it. Fried macaroni and eggs. I cook a box of elbow Macaroni, and drain. Using the same pan on medium heat I add butter, the Macaroni and I crack open 2 or 3 eggs. Pop the yoke and just keep mixing while it cooks until all the egg is cooked ( takes about 5 to 7 minutes) Then I just spoon out into bowls. My 3 yr old loves hot sauce & ketchup on hers and my 1 year old just ketchup or plan. It's fast, cheap and really good

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Erin - posted on 08/14/2010




My mother in law is allergic to milk, and my husband is lactose intolerant, so here are some things we enjoy, Rattatouille (American Heart Association Cookbook) it's all veggies, for protein I add chicken chunks, Spaghetti with Ragu tomato basil and garlic flavor - check any other flavors as they sometimes have milk. Big Y brand vegetable spread is dairy free but check the ingredients as they sometimes change the formula without notice, stop and shop brand garlic bread has no dairy as well. Oh and our personal favorite for the crock pot is chicken and garlic stew. Dump some chicken (I prefer boneless, skinless thighs) in the crock pot, add 1 full head garlic broken up and peeled NOT sliced, 1-2 tsp cinnamon, salt and pepper to taste, and 1 can chicken broth. Cook for three hours on high, or all day on low. I serve it with fresh baked Focacia bread. Oh you could also make homemade chicken nuggets. Make breadcrumbs from dairy free bread, or find some ready made, roll chicken in some whipped egg and then roll in the breadcrumbs and fry em up for crispy, or bake them.

Alison - posted on 08/14/2010




I'm always looking for new recipes. Will try this one tomorrow night for tea. I am also looking for finger food recipes as I do all teh atering for parties myself and I start planning to party food 3 months before it is needed and that 3 month time scale is finally here again for my daughters birthday. I even make my own birthday cake which is always a big hit. I have also been told by people that have never had dairy free food that the cake is so much more littler than normal cake which is always good news

Alison - posted on 08/13/2010




Hi my daughter is highly allergic to cow's milk protein so I have to use soya cream,and milk. I have a lovely broccoli, cauliflower and leek cheese recipe.
I will also tell you in the recipe where I buy the dairy alternatives and how much I pay.
50g Vitalite sunflower spread - dairy, soya and gluton free (£1 tops ASDA)
50g gluton free flour (£2 tops Holland and Barrett)
50mg easy melt soya mozzerella style cheese (£2 tops Holland and Barrett)
1 small carton Alpro soya single cream (£1 tops from tescos)
I use frozen broccoli and cauliflower florets from tescos and a hole fresh leek that I buy from my local grocer-store who is cheaper than the super-markets
I chop the leeks up into think circles and the broccoli and cauliflower I warm up until it is almost defrosted. Place the vitalite, cream and flour into a sauce pan and cook on a low heat so the soya cream doesn't separate. Once the butter has melted place the cheese in to the sauce and mix until the cheese has melted. Place cheese saurce over the brocolia, cauliflower and leek and sprinkle with more cheese and placve into the oven on gas mark 5 for about 20 minutes or until the cheese is golden brown and serve. This portion does my daughter 2 meals. We serve it with fish or chicken nuggets and she loves it My daughter is also a fussy eater sh loves garlic or tomato sauce in her meals so I also put garlic in the cheese sauce and sometimes I will make the sauce as a cheese sauce with fresh crushed tomatoes. I use less soya cream when using fresh crushed tomatoes other wise it is to liquidly and turns into more of a sorflay

Tracey - posted on 12/30/2009




Hi I agree with the other two mums.I use soya milk to make white sauce etc.Soya cream for soup.Soya yogurt for vegan tzadziki and Tofutti is a really good soya brand which does soya icecream,soya cream cheese etc.Hope this is of some help.Also look at asian cooking which is not dependent on dairy for taste.Good luck.x

Dianne - posted on 12/30/2009




Look up recipes online. Just google dairy free recipes. Rice milk and Almond milk are also available. For cheese products, use tofu and other ingredients you may find at the health food store.

Shekelia - posted on 12/29/2009




use soy milk, it taste just as great or lactose free milk, u can find in the grocery store next to thr regular milk or canned milk

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