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does anyone know of an "adult drink" (alcohol) that I can serve to family (duh, not the youngins, they get hot chocolate in case you were wondering) at Thanksgiving? I was thinking maybe a warm coffee or chocolate type of drink, maybe using Bailey's Irish Creme type of stuff or something. Got any good ideas? Thanks!

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So many great ideas! Although the ones on ice cream...oh, I think I gained calories just dreaming about them! And I know my hubby will love the apple cider one, he loves apple cider this time of year. And you just can never beat a recipie with whipped cream in it...good dreams tonight for me! Thanks for all the great ideas!

Kristi - posted on 11/25/2008




another great one for fall is a Hot Apple Pie - hot cider with Tuaca liquer and whipped cream...garnish with cinnamon stick. yummy!

Jaimie - posted on 11/25/2008




Well I just happen to have a few of my favorites. Of course hot chocolate with Baileys (mint Baileys is even better or the Caramel). Or there is Amarula Cream with milk (bonus marula fruit which it is derrived from is high in vitamin c and also has a little somthin somthin to boost the labido) Talea cream is fantastic either on ice cream or mixed with milk.

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Wow! Lots of ideas...oh, how to get them all tried out before Thursday? lol. Thanks so much for all the ideas!

Darcie - posted on 11/25/2008




Here are some idea's of drinks, I hope that some of them will work for you. My favorite drink that doesn't have hot chocolate or coffee and is cold but very good, is a monkey's lunch. Ingredients: Banana liqueur, Kahlua, Milk


An Irish Kiss

Ingredients: Bailey's irish cream, Coffee liqueur, Coffee, Whipped cream


Ingredients: Dark rum, Irish cream, Coffee liqueur, Amaretto, Coffee, Whipped cream


Ingredients: Kahlua, Bailey's irish cream, Frangelico, Coffee, Cream

Sweet Dreams

Ingredients: Hot chocolate, Malibu rum, Marshmallows, Whipped cream, Cinnamon, Chocolate

Dutch Velvet

Ingredients: Chocolate mint liqueur, Banana liqueur, Light cream, Chocolate

Chocolate Monkey

Ingredients: Banana liqueur, Creme de Cacao, Chocolate ice-cream, Chocolate syrup, Chocolate milk, Whipped cream, Cherry, Banana

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