Glutin free halloween food ... HELP!

Bronwynn - posted on 10/15/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




I am planning a halloween party, but one of my daughters friends can't have glutin (at all) Any ideas to add to the table would be really welcome. I just don't like the idea of leaving anyone out of the fun.
Many thanks


Dianne - posted on 10/15/2010




Number 1? Don't stress it too much! As a mom of three boys (13, 9 and 6) that are eating gluten free I understand the party problem! Some options that everyone can eat?

a) Make it yourself Ice Cream sundae dessert bar!
b) Salsa and Corn chips! ( make it disgusting with some Quacamole veined through the salsa!)
c) Hamburger " cupcakes" ( Meat loaf made in muffin pans with whipped potatoes for "frosting")
d) JELLO! lots of jigglers, or jello cups!

If you want to make cupcakes? or other desserts.. Look for brands like Celimix White or Chocolate Cake mix, Pamela's Brownie mix, or ( If you are in the states) Betty Crocker's Gluten Free cake mixes.

Chocolate treats? try to stay away from Smarties, twix, kitkats, coffee crisp packages and aim for the M&M's, Hershey solids, Aero! Just read the packaging. :)
Quick words to watch out for? Wheat, All purpose flour, enriched flour ets... as well as BARLEY Malt! That one is sneaky!

But don't sweat it too much! If in doubt, give the parents a call and ask for suggestions!
Have a Great Party! Remember : Food is only a PART of the fun! ( coodo's to you for wanting to include her and making the effort! That means a lot to GF folks!)
Ps. Marshmallows are gluten free and can be used as toppers for sundaes, puddings, jellos and all sorts of stuff !

Sarah - posted on 10/19/2010




You could make Muddy Buddies! I know it's not a spooky and creative Halloween food, but kids LOVE them! I was gluten free myself for almost 3 years, so if you want any more ideas you can email me personally, I can't promise I'll be able to help *too* terribly much, but I'll try my best!

So, here we go lol, Muddy Buddies can be made to be COMPLETELY gluten free, *but* you need to be VERY careful as to how you prepare it because that can have a huge impact of how safe it is. Here are some tips to make sure that there will be no cross contamination (an EASY way to mess things up and get her sick). Oh, and DO NOT feel badly if she ends up getting sick somehow, it's very easy to do (I did it COUNTLESS times myself and I knew better! lol) and sometimes happens for no apparent reason. Ok, let's see...

Chex cereal is SO great to use as a yummy kids' snack because almost every kind of Chex cereal is gluten free now! See:
How great is that! When you buy them, just look for the "Gluten Free" words on the front of the box and you're good!

Now, as for the peanut butter, that is something you'll need to get a fresh jar of since there is a 99% chance there WILL be bread or something with gluten in there that'll make her sick. I'm pretty sure all peanut butter is GF, but always check on the back, just in case. The same should apply for the chocolate chips, I've never seen any that had gluten, but like I said, take a peek :-).

As for the butter, you probably should get new sticks, also a potential cross contamination thing. And with the powdered sugar, do the same (you never know lol).

So, now that I've got that all taken care of lol, here's the link to the recipe!

Oh! And I just remembered! I have a GREAT recipe for GF peanut butter cookies, I use the recipe even now and I've been off of the GF diet for almost 2 years lol. They're also great when you stick a Hershey's Kiss in the middle RIGHT after taking them out of the oven :-). I hope these ideas helped!

This'll probably sound ridiculous, but I just wanted to say that you sure are an amazing person to be doing this for just one child at a Halloween party! I know that might sound weird, but having to live with a diet THIS restricted is a really hard thing to deal with, especially when you're a young child. I was constantly going without eating a thing at people's houses because cooking something GF was too much of a hassle to do. While I understood that it is a difficult thing to prepare for, it still hurt. I got so tired of going out with friends or family and constantly being told that I could "just order a salad". It's not something I really held against anyone, but it still really hurt to constantly feel like a burden, an annoyance, a hassle, or just straight up being avoided.
I guess what I'm (FINALLY) getting at, sorry that I'm babbling, is that I wanted to thank you for being a blessing in that little girl's night. It might sound VERY trivial but it's the little acts of kindness and effort that really helped me through all of the bad things. I don't think I would have remained sane otherwise lol.

SO sorry for all of the babbling, I wouldn't be hurt if you skipped straight through to the episode part of my novel-I mean, comment ;-)

I hope the party goes well and that you guys all have a blast!

God Bless!

- Sarah

Jenn - posted on 10/15/2010




Hi there - I'm not sure how old your daughter and her friends are (clearly the young ones are even more tricky), but have you tried an organic or health food grocer? We live near a Whole Foods and they sell all sorts of gluten-free food, ie : macaroni and cheese, which is orange and kind of Halloween-ish (if you're serving up more than candy :-).

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Bronwynn - posted on 10/24/2010




Thank you everyone! You have all been a great help. I know food is not the begining and end all at a party, but I just hate seeing friends left out of anything. I am sure this party will have a great freeky feast!

Jennifer - posted on 10/20/2010




Betty crocker cake mixes come in gluten free, taste basically the same, also bisquick offers gluten free mixes...

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