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Jennifer - posted on 07/09/2009




My recommendation is that whatever you make for you and your family, keep within these guidelines...

olive oil



whole wheat





lean meat

low fat dairy

all natural peanut butter

One of my husband's favorites is lasagna:

One box wheat lasagna noodles

2 lbs. 97% lean ground turkey

2 cans hunts 4 cheese sauce

16oz container cottage cheese

1/2 (about 1/2 cup) container of sour cream

4 eggs

1 tsp parsley

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

4 cups mozz. cheese

1 cup parm cheese

Cook noodles about 10 mins. Cook ground turkey until done, mix in 2 cans sauce. Mix last 8 ingredients together. Spread enough sauce mix to cover bottom of pan. Lay 8 lasagna noodles across top of sauce. Spread half of cheese mixture over noodles. Spread 1/2 of remaining sauce over cheese mixture. Top with 8 more noodles. Top noodles with the rest of the cheese mixture. Top cheese mixture with rest of sauce and top that with a sprinkle of mozz. cheese. Bake about an hour covered with foil at 400 degrees.

Becca Jo - posted on 07/09/2009




Then just be willing to experiment and also know what tastes you like the most and then find some of the simplest recipes and start adding your own flavor and touch to them. What specific are you looking for?

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