Hot Crock Pot Taco Dip

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1 lb. hamburger

1 small onion, chopped

1 can green chilis

1 lb. Velveeta cheese

1 jar Taco Sauce

1 can Hormel chili without beans

Brown the hamburger and onion. Add the remaining ingredients and heat until cheese is completely melted and everything is blended. Transfer to a crockpot to keep warm while eating. Serve with tortilla chips.

Great leftovers, great reheated.

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Great! I made it last night for our New Years Eve party, it was a hit. But I didn't have the green chilis on hand, so I used a can of sliced jalapenos that I pureed. Thankfully I only used 2/3s of the can because it was REALLY spicy! I couldn't eat it, but my husband loved it. I hope you liked it too!

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